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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Ruhr Quick Mission: Bypass

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact

Once again the US Army is called upon to hold the Line against the Red Menace. This time a US Mechanized Formation hast to prevent an NVA Assault from bypassing their defenses and wrecking Havoc behind the front lines.

The US Forces have prepared themselves for the NVA onslaught. Will it be enough ?

The NVAs BTRs advance along the northern flank, while their small infantry company takes cover in an abandoned Garage . The T-55s on the southern Flank hesitate to advance, either to prevent a counterattack against the vulnerable Gophers or because the don't want to tangle with the waiting Hammerheads and Dragon Teams. A lucky Hit from the Carnations takes out the US FIST and bails a nearby Hammerhead as well.

The US responds with a well placed Artillery Barrage on the BTRs and the Infantry in the Garage, spotted by the M113 hidden in the Woods. The southern Hammerheads also hit the BTRs with their missiles, while one of the Dragon Teams manages to hit one of the T-55s causing it to bail. The southern Hammerheads manage a long distance kill-shot against the NVA Observer BMP.

The NVA advance seems to be in a bit of Trouble.
NVA Schützen escaping from the burning Wrecks of their Transports

Both NVA Schützen Companies fail to rally from being pinned, stalling the push along the northern flank. Only three NVA scout BMPs push forward, determined to close with the enemy. On the southern flank the T-55s still hesitate to advance and instead hold position. The Artillery keeps pounding the northern Hammerheads, but fails to achieve any significant hits.

The US Artillery keeps hammering the pinned down northern Infantry, resulting in minimal loses but keeping the pressure on the NVA. The southern VADS redeploy to the central forest and hit the scout BMPs with their Vulcans, destroying one and bailing the other. The Northern Hammerhead finish off the remaining Scout BMPs. Meanwhile the Cobras get tired of waiting behind cover and unleash a TOW-Strike against the T-55s. The Gophers respond with AA-Fire but fail to down even one Cobra, the Cobras on the other Hand turn two T-55s into burning wrecks.

The NVA Assault still doesn't look very successful.

Despite the NVA Formation commanders Attempts of Encouragement, both Schützen companies remain pinned in the Face of the US Armys relentless artillery strikes. The T-55s finally decide to abandon their holding Position and dash north along the road. Meanwhile the carnations keep hitting the northern Hammerheads, although without successfully damaging them.

The US Artillery still sees no reason to change their firing solution and keeps hitting the Infantry, although with modest success, only killing one more Infantry Team. The M113s leave the central forest and dash across the bridge to prepare an Attack against the NVAs Gophers. The Vads reposition in the central forest to fire on the remaining BTRs, though they only succeed in bailing two of them. Meanwhile the US Infantry in the north has more succes, taking out two BRTs with Dragons.

Still no progress on the northern Flank. Time for a succesful Bypass is running out for the NVA...

One of the NVAs Schützen companies finally rallies from being pinned, although the smaller company with the heavy weapons still doesn't rally. Nevertheless the NVA surges forward in a desperate last ditch attempt to close wit the US forces. Their Infantry opens up on the dug-in US Infantry and manages to kill a SAW Team. The Carnations shift their fire to the Northern US Infantry and M113s and still manage to keep hitting one oft the Hammerheads. Their precision fire is rewarded with the destruction of two M113s as well as the death of one Dragon team. The Hammerhead once again weathers the Barrage unaffected.The T-55s move towards the center and open up on the VADS, although without success.

Unfortunately the NVAs relentless barrage seems to have hit the embedded reporter, so there are no more Pictures of the Final Phase of the Battle.

The M113 on the southern flank advance towards the Gopher and hit them with their .5 Cals, but only manage to bail one of them. Nevertheless the US Cobras once again unleash a TWO Strike against the T-55s and manage to take out two of them, but not before AA-Fire from the remaining Gophers kills one Cobra. The southern Hammerheads take out one more T-55, causing the last tank to panic and retreat from the Battlefield.

On the Northern Front, the M113 and the US Infantry hit the NVAs Infantry with a hail of Bullets and manage to take out two Teams. The Northern Hammerheads also manage to spot for the US Artillery, causing in the Death of one more NVA Infantry Team, as well as pinning them once more. The southern Infantry shifts to the North, to reinforce against the possible NVA Breakthrough.

Running out of Time, and failing to rally his troops, the NVA Commander calls for a cease Fire and withdraws his few remaining troops from the Battlefield. The US Forces have stopped the Bypass and are Victorious.

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United States


  • K. Meyer says:

    Good job and Congrats on the win!

  • Larasi says:

    Having only played the NVA once so far, but seen them in action a couple of times My Observations would be:
    Compared to regular Soviets the NVA has a better skill rating, so you see them use blitz Move and scoot and shot a lot more (or at all). Also their Artillery has an easier time ranging in than the “normal” Soviets. On the other Hand their gear is definitively worse (and cheaper) than soviet stuff (No BMP2s, worse T-72s) so they are practically forced to play Horde, since “Elite Force” just isn’t an option for them.

  • Storm Caller says:

    Nice job on report!

  • Bosje says:

    How does the NVA play, compared to regular Soviet forces?

  • fingolfen says:

    Nice report… bummer about the outcome, though… 😉

    Hopefully the embedded reporter just lost his camera… 😀