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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

We shall strike at Dawn - Niederbayern Bridgehead

United States
VS Warsaw Pact

US Scouts have detected a NVA Forward Element trying to establish a Bridgehead in the middle of the Night, obviously in preparation for a massive Warsaw Pact Advance into Niederbayern. The Only available NATO Forces nearby are immediately dispatched to disrupt the Bridgehead before it is fully established.

US Scouts manage to bring a couple of M1s and M113s very close to the NVA before the Battle begins

Using a Scout Platoon the US Forces manage a nice flanking move before the Battle even starts. Capitalizing on their positioning the M1 Abrams advance directly towards the NVA troops. Meanwhile the Infantry deploys from the M113 using a Blitz Move to set up two Dragon Teams in the house, while the rest of the Infantry moves into/on the Big Garage near the NVA. The M113 also successfully use a Blitz move to set up spotting Positions for the M109. Finally the Cobras Fly behind the Garage. Its getting quite clustered on that flank ! The ITVs and the Fist just advance into the cornfield for cover an don't do much else.

Once the shooting starts the US Thermal imaging proves it's worth. Not onky allowing the M113s to range in right between the gophers and the carnations, although the Artillery only hits one, and the top Armor shrugs off the hit. It also allows the M1s to turn three of the Gophers and one of the Carnations into burning Wrecks, and the deployed Infantry takes out another Carnation. Finally the Cobras use their Vulcans to take out the NVAs Observer BMP and three of their BRTs.

The NVA struggles to come to grip with the Fact that the US is nearly right on top of them. Still they rise to the challenge. A Company of T-55s appears from Ambush and moves to counter the US advance. The carnations are plagued by bad luck, bogging down three of the four remaining while trying to get to the safety of the woods.

Their remaining BRTs unleash a withering Fire of Bullets on the US Infantry and take out two SAW Teams but don't land enough Hits to pin the rest of the Platoon. Meanwhile the T-55 take out all of the M113s.

Despite early US Successes, the Battle still hangs in the Balance...

The M1 aggressively advance toward the other Objective, and the ITVs manage to Blitz into Position for missile strikes against the T-55s.

The M1s take out the remaining Carnations and one of the T-55s, the ITVs bail out another T-55. The Cobras destroy two of the T-55s as well, but not before losing one their number to masses Anti-Air- Fire from the T-55s MGs. Meanwhile the US infantry destroy and bail out some more of the BRTs. Finally the Abrams assault the the NVA Infantry positions, but only take out one Team before being forced back.

The T-55 keep pushing forward but fail to take out the Dug-In Us Infantry, the remaining BRTs together with the NVA Infantry hit the US Infantry with enough Bullets to pin them down.

The US Forces receive one of their reserve Units and immediately dash a second platoon of Infantry, embarked in M113s, towards the second Objective. The rest of the US Forces hold position and keep firing on the NVA forces. The Cobras, ITVs and M1s take out some more T-55s and the US Infantry, despite being pinned, destroy and bail enough BRTs to force a morale check, which the BRTs fail.

As Dawn breaks and the NVA troops desperately hope to see Hinds on the Horizon, but their reserves fail to arrive. At least they are finally able to clearly see their enemies. The remaining T-55s manage to shoot down two more cobras, and the Infantry destroys one of the M113 near the second objective.

The NVA still holds on, but for how much longer ?

Another US Platoon arrives from reserve and the VADS dash to the middle field, in case the enemies Hinds are going to appear. The M113 near the second objective disembark their Infantry and take up Position to unleash surpressive Fire on the NVA Infantry. The last Cobra decides its time to get the hell out of Dodge and takes up a new position further away from the Frontline.

The FIST ranges in the Artillery on the NVA Infantry. The following Hail of Bullets combined with the Artillery strike clear the immediate Area around the Objective allowing the US Forces to claim Victory.

The US holds the Objective and the NVA Bridgehead is shattered

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