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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Devastating Dustup

Warsaw Pact
VS United States

After the successful action against General Tyer's remnant West Germans General Leadgend advanced with his full force westwards. Taking the village reconnoitered in the previous battle as a base his forces swept the surrounding area for NATO forces and found the americans of general Crudboy attempting to cut off his advance. The BMP2s and T72s led the attack with the T55s in reserve and BMP1s and infantry holding the village.

The situation after the initial moves.

The americans had deployed infantry in the open with supporting troops on a hill behind them while we could deploy behind a nearby hill. Opening the fighting our infantry, BMPs and tanks swept forward and wiped out their forward infantry and overlooking missile vehicles.

Securing the right flank.
The view on the left.

The americans then threw their M1 tanks into the fray, those behind their hill racing into the valley between our lines of hills and others moving into a woods in the centre. Their shooting was however not effective, only destroying a few tanks and BMPs.

The fight develops to the left.

Our tanks and BMPs responded to the M1s by sweeping around their left flank and taking the M1s in the side. Meanwhile our infantry occupied the objective. A huge amount of fire was also directed to their infantry in the hill in front of our position with little effect.

Pushing forward on the right.

On the right our tanks pushed forward. Intelligence reports confirmed only light forces remained to be committed to battle by the americans.

Threatening the rear of the americans.

In a show of desperation the americans threw all their tanks towards the objective, destroying several vehicles and some infantry. But then in turn they were also destroyed and fled the field.

The americans move up.

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Warsaw Pact