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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign


Warsaw Pact
VS United States

Leipzig in limbo

General Leadgend gathered his unit commanders together in the Leipzig headquarters. There were fewer of them now, the battle of maneuver was over, it was now a battle of attrition, of annihilation.
The US forces had shown a remarkable increase in capability recently and control of the Leipzig area was finely balanced. The order from high command was clear, they must be pushed back out of East German territory at all costs.
His forces were to attack US infantry that were holding a position blocking the road west.

General Leadgend

A fight to the death!

General Leadgend deployed his infantry on the right to push directly forward supported by tanks while more tanks and missile carriers swept around the left. They should be able to get close in the pre-dawn darkness. The US only has token ground forces on the left but only managed to dig in in their centre, the right was ripe for destruction! However the US had brought forward the helicopters and their superior night vision equipment soon took a toll on our advancing tanks.

The view from the east.

Unexpectedly the US had committed large numbers of aircraft to the battle and with only limited AA units available they took their toll as well. We were quickly running out of tanks! However the infantry were closing in and the US was forced to commit their AA vehicles to counterattack to hold their position. Finally dawn broke and our remaining Shilkas saw off the US helicopters and our infantry destroyed their AA vehicles.

The view from the south.

Victory postponed

Just as it seemed we would complete the destruction of the US forces the order came through to withdraw! General Leadgend pondered the meaning of this order. Did it mean the war had finally gone nuclear? Or did it mean the next wave of our reserves had finally arrived? Time would tell. In the mean time the troops needed a break. Time to go fishing. While there were still fish to catch.

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