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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

First Encounter

West German
VS Warsaw Pact

Attacker: Kobiyashi - Red Banner T-72 Tank Battalion (1 formation: 2x Tank platoons; BMP-2 Scouts; Shilka and Gaskin AA; Hinds with Infantry; Frogfoots)

Defender: Leichti - Bundeswehr Marder Panzergrenadier Kompanie (1st formation: 2x Marder platoons; Leo2 platoon; Gepards with Fliegerfausts) supported by Panzeraufklärungskompanie (2nd formation: 2x Leo1 platoons; 2x Luchs; Rolands with Fliegerfausts)

Mission: Counterattack (More Missions .pdf) and Battlefront's Red Thunder campaign map and rules

Terrain: Averagely dense with with evenly spread streets, buildings, hills and woods

Played on Saturday August 12th, 2017

At 13:30 Sowjet tanks attacked from Thuringia into Lower Franconia.
Though the Germans there opted for a static defense the battle developed into a counterattack.
But the Sowjets were able to secure their ojective early on and German reinforcements did not materialize in time and in force.
Therefore the Panzergrenadiers could not dislodge the Sowjets and left Lower Franconia. And in the afternath of the battle they even deprived the Fulda area of defenders by this retreat.

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