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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Total War

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Warsaw Pact
VS United States

We played a 2v2 Total War game to kick off our club's campaign, with the Warsaw Pact attacking Hamburg (North) from Schwerin.

The US Infantry deployed in the Northwest corner, while the US Armor deployed in the Southwest corner.

The Soviets deployed in the Northeast corner, while the East Germans deployed in the Southeast corner.

To start the game, the first Afgantsy unit landed on the west side of the river and next turn unloaded into the buildings to contest the North Central objective. The T-72Ms got slaughtered on the train bridges, but held the attention of the Abrams long enough for the hinds to come to the Southwest corner and unload on the tanks.

One T-72M formation broke quickly. The VADS moved South to counter the hinds, which moved east and continued to fire on the Abrams until the formation broke. Over the next few turns, the hinds took a beating, killing only 1 Abrams before the Afgantsy broke. The T-64s took a beating and broke a few turns after the Afgantsy, but not before 2 more Abrams tanks were destroyed. For the next several turns, T-72Ms maneuvered around the Southwest part of the table, but accomplished very little, while the artillery and formation HQs put on a last ditch effort to hold the Northeast, following the advance of the remaining Abrams over the North bridge.

When time ran out, few T-72Ms remained with gophers, carnations, and rocket launchers, while the US infantry remained largely unharmed. The final score was 36-22 Warsaw Pact. NATO lost Hamburg (North) and Hamburg (South) to the Warsaw Pact.

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Warsaw Pact