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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

NATO counter attck

Maj. Sharpe
VS Warsaw Pact
Mike Bays

After the last battle and their resounding victory the British were feeling a little bit froggy. Orders came down from higher to prepare for a counter attack to follow up on the success. Maj. Sharpe got his command ready, thankfully few replacements were needed as casualties had been very light in the earlier battle with about 13 or 14 infantry casualties, half of whom were walking wounded and could still fight. Brigade sent up another section of infantry and more FV432's to replace the ones destroyed, 7 had been knocked out in the earlier battle.
The East Germans on the other hand were getting wave 2 ready as the first one had taken a pounding. The Soviet Frontal Aviation liaison asked if Oberst Bays wanted air support to which the oberst replied " Nein, your help really did not help the last time". The liaison mumbled a "meh" as he walked away.
Free for All was rolled as the British selected counter attack and the East Germans had to deploy the first unit. The British put one inf platoon and a Chieftan troop on their right in a wood guarding an objective. Another inf platoon went in the open to guard an objective along with the Swingfires. The last one was in front of them with plans to move into the town. The 1 and 2 ic also hung out in the middle along with the scorpions. And on the British left behind a hill went the abbots and three Cheiftans. All of the Chieftans had Stillbrew. The 4 dismounted Milans also deployed in the center area of the board.
Once deployment was done it was determined the British had the first turn and they did not do much but move some infantry towards the some buildings near the center of the board. The East Germans called a general advance in the hopes of a quick knock out and two companies of infantry, both from the bmps moved into the town in the middle. The BTR company hung out on the right deploying its missile teams. 5 of the T55, 3 Spandrels and the SAU122's hung out behind a hill on the left, while the other T55 moved up behind the infantry and stayed out of sight. All of the T72's, the BMP scouts, the other 3 Spandrels and the BMP2's deployed on the right to challenge the 3 Chieftans to their front. There was not much shooting as everything was out of sight or out of range. A 122mm barrage on the crest of the hill managed to hit two of the Chieftans causing one to blow up. The Germans cheered madly-only 7 more to go!
Turns 2 and 3 consisted if the Germans moving into the town and trying (mostly in vain) to get rid of the Chieftans. The remaining 2 on the British right finally succumbed to massed missile fire from the BMP 2's, T72's, BRDM Spandrels leaving only the 1ic and the abbots on this side. Unfortunately Milans, some Swingfire shots and tank gunnery gutted the previously mentioned units. Meanwhile in the town fire from mgs ( infantry and Fv432 ), Scorpion main guns, some Carl Gustavs and some brutal tank shells made the East Germans rethink this particular avenue of advance and the pulled out. They did manage to blow up 5 fv 432 and the scorpions however and wear out one infantry platoon who, while staying, were rendered combat ineffective.
The Chieftans on the right had felt the need to move out of the woods to help with the semi frightening assault to their left and were pounced on by the blitzing T55 and BRDM Spandrels behind the hill across from them. East German skill helps them out so much. Thanks to the British turning their turrets to fire (oops) the T55's were able to get a flank shot on one Chieftan with a 100mm gun and another was brewed up by the Spandrels. The 3rd then decided a retrograde movement was in order and left.
The British were able to gain a small measure of revenge by blowing up the 3 Spandrels and 2 T55. The other T55 unit decided to move into the town for some shooting of their own and in 2 turns managed to destroy the Swingfires, while only losing one in return. It helped that the Swingfire crews became too preoccupied to do anything one turn ( I flat out forgot about them ) and they decided the T55's weren't really a threat and half heartedly aimed.
In the end, after looking at the losses, we both decided to call it a draw as neither of us had the resources to actually take an objective. Very good game that East Germans gave a much better accounting of themselves in.
Sorry about the pics, no idea why they loaded like that. I couldn't fix it either.

East German deployment on their right
East German deployment on their left.
Britsh deployment in their right.
Turn 1 advance.
Middle of the board.
The advance begins to meet some return fire.
And more resistance.
The T55s who killed a Chieftan.
End of the assault on the right.

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