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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Sharpe's Luck

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Maj. Sharpe
VS Warsaw Pact

Hasty Attack based on Static Defense as Nato rolled a 2 to attack. 4 players, 2 per side 100 pts each. British vs. a combined Soviet/East German force. Hanover area.

Mid morning, somewhere near the original Inter German Border. Irish Guards Battlegroup, Reinforced. Maj. Sharpe had once again been thrown into the breach, an unfortunate victim of his success. He had been given command of a reinforced battle group based on his own infantry company with tank support, another smaller Irish Guards battlegroup and a full company of airmobile Scots promised as reserves. He was told to move forward without his forces being completely ready to meet a limited Pact breakthrough. He had to contain the push before it was reinforced. He surveyed the battlefield from the house he was in. He was just behind 2 Platoon, who was strung out across several buildings on the edge of Wenik. Most of his command was stretched to his right into open country. He had a feeling though, that this position would be more important than the better tank country to his right.

British deployment on the right, the open area of the battlefield.
British deployment on the left in the town. Sharpe started off in the gray building with the roof not sitting flush. We went infantry heavy and put 6 Chieftans in ambush.
The Red Tide rolling in and getting a lucky 6 on Sharpe who then failed the brutal re roll and couldn't pass the hit. 2 platoon is in the 2 two buildings adjacent to the Charlie G stand. Their Milans are diagonally back right in another building for better fields of fire.

A roar of engines, sqeaking of treads and wheels, to Sharpe's front made him realize the attack was imminent. Reports began to filter in from platoon commanders all across the front which confirmed this. Strange though, it appeared the Russians and East Germans were attacking in concert, something he hadn't seen yet. Sharpe hoped this meant something good.
Suddenly Russian T-72s, a short battalions worth appeared, about 750 meters from Sharpe's building. The tanks began firing blindly at buildings in and around 3 platoons positions. Sharpe called for Jenkins and the radios to start issuing orders. As Jenkins was handing the hand mike out the room was engulfed a huge explosion and Sharpe's world went black.

Ambushing Chieftans start to make the Russians pay for their headstrong rush.
Reserve Chieftans showing up where needed ( we had very good scattered reserve rolls ) with 1 platoon moving to reinforce this area. Also a partial view of the 8 mortars my partner brought. 8=lots of accurate and deadly high angle hell. Made this former mortarman warm and fuzzy.
Rapiers doing a mediocre job of keeping our guys safe from some prowling Hinds.
Spartan MCT's blitzing on to save the day. These guys usually punch above their weight.

Captain L.R. Jenkins, battlegroup 2IC, will now finish the briefing.
Everything Maj. Sharpe had thought about the focus of attack being in the city was being proved correct. The Russian T72's and the East German T72's were rolling forward. The Major had hidden two troops of Chieftans inside the city and once they made themselves known they stopped the Red Armor cold. A troop of Chieftans also arrived to reinforce the town. Between these Russian and East German armor thrust was blunted shortly.
A small Russian BMP 1 company, with their supporting carriers, tried a dismounted assault aimed at 2 Platoon, a medium size East German BMP 2 company, troops only, also pushed that way. 2 Platoon's accurate small arms fire easily repelled the Russians and then mowed them all down. The BMP1's were also easily dispatched.

3 platoon after a successful blitz move, then moving and getting flank shots. They then assaulted and captured the East German formation commander in his T-55.
3 platoon being a huge pain for advancing East Germans. Charlie G's carried this game.

In the open area the East Germans were attacking with T55's and BMP2's to hold our troops in place. 1 Platoon had moved from their center position towards the town to help shore up our defenses their; as it turned out they weren't needed. 3 Platoon, with heavy M109 support, stopped the BMP2's and T55's, including capturing the East German Major in charge of their forces, by flanking with Charlie G's and then launching an assault.
In the town the 8 mortars repeatedly bombarded the East German infantry company and slowly dwindled them down. Some direct fire Chieftan gunnery helped out as well. 2 Platoon launched two assaults which destroyed or captured the remaining infantry securing the town.
The Gordon's air assaulted into the enemy rear breaking their will to fight. A resounding British victory!
Maj. Sharpe was found after the battle, injured and unconsciuis, but alive. He was talking as he was taken to the rear. Unfortunately, his batman and radio man were both killed.

Gordon's airlanding on the left to help shore that side. Their landings were made in the enemy rear with light personnel losses.
2 platoon assaulting and clearing the last of the medium East German BMP 2 company of dismounts. Previously they had taken the gray manor house as well.
Lt. McPeters in the lone surviving MCT surveying the days carnage. You can just see the wreck of a SU-25 McPeters had somehow shot down earlier. He was Mentioned in Dispatches and put in for a gallantry award.

Quick thoughts. The score doesn't completely reflect the game. We took lots of casualties, just not enough to make many checks. My MCT's, who are my heroes in every game, passed. A Lynx transport platoon failed, but since we each 9+ platoons, it did not matter. The East German commander was let down a little by his Russian comrade who went straight at us without mutual support. This allowed us to take out one and then focus in the other. Our reserve rolls also greatly helped us out.

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