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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Then again....Maybe Not

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Warsaw Pact
Major B
VS United States
Initial Table set-up

East Germans attack a small town attempting to secure supplies. They advance into town and their T-72's fire on the Nato dug in troops, destroying one Nato M901. The remaining M901 in that unit, failed its morale check and fled the battlefield.

The Nato units remained Dug in and begin pummeling the East Germans with fire. The Infantry fire Law rockets at the T-72 in the lead near the center objective, destroying it. Next the Nato infantry fire Dragons at the rest of that T-72 unit, destroying them both as well. Nato M901's engage the East German Spandrels destroying one and forcing the other to Bail out. The 2nd Nato infantry unit fire dragons at the East German Battalion Commander destroying it. The commander moves to the closest T-72. The Nato Recon Platoon M901 fires on the remaining unit of T-72 forcing one to Bail out. Finally, the Nato Cobras engage the East German T-55 Unit with long range tow fire destroying one tank.

The East German Spandrels fail their morale check and flee the battlefield. East German infantry deploys into the surrounding buildings. The BMP-1's take up defensive positions. The East German T-55's move up the west side of town towards the Nato objective. The remaining T-72 unit moves toward the center objective and fires on the Nato infantry missing.

Nato infantry fire their law rockets at one of the T-72 forcing a Bail out and fire on the T-55's destroying one of them as well. The infantry fire their dragons at one of the BMP-1, destroying it. Nato's 2nd infantry platoon fire Dragons at the T-72 unit destroying all three. The East German Battalion commander is killed. Nato M901's fire on the remaining BMP-1's and miss.
Nato Cobra's again fire their tow missles on the T-55 unit, destroying one and forcing another to Bail out.
The remaining East German T-55 crew returns to their tank deciding the battle is a lost cause. The BMP-1's collect the infantry and the East German units remaining retreat.

A decided victory for Nato!

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