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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Niederbayern: Bridgehead Contained!

West German
VS Warsaw Pact
Deployment map

Elements of the 1st Geberg Division (Panzergrenadier) caught up with lead elements of the 55th Guards MRD late in the day with dusk approaching.


Deployment: Luchs spearhead down the flank
Deployment Right Flank
Left flank deployment

55th Guards deploy forward of the bridge and on the right objective.

The Geberg troops use their training to read the deployments and set to their advantage. The Luchs section drove down the right flank followed by the Leo 1 company. The Panzergrenadier platoon with the left flank with the Gepard section in Support. The Jagdpanzer section with the Leo 1 Commander deploy along the woodline in the foreground.

Turn 1

Telling fire!

The Leo 1s advance and with the TOW fire of the Jagdpanzer section kill 3 and bail 2 T-72.

The 55th Guards manage to maintain their resolve.

Comrade, check your ammo!

One of the bailed tanks managed to remount and joined by the other tank and the Battalion Commander bring the lead platoon under fire, at least that was the plan. Defective ammo was blamed (obviously it was not the skill of the gunners)

Turn 2

Left Flank stalled

The Panzergrenadiers managed to slip behind the BMPs with the help of the Gepards. Artillery managed to KIA some infantry.

The BMPs crossed the river and took out the Marders with 73mm fire. Both Milan teams failed to bail out.

Another firefight

One platoon flexed around to the flank of the Soviets. The combined fire of the two platoons managed to KIA 4 more T-72, including the Battalion Commander.

Turn 3

Sunset on the Soviet advance

After clearing the Soviet Armor from the bridge, the Panzers and Luchs move to cover the objective. Finally support arrive in the form of a Panzergrenadier platoon. The Panzers opened up with massed machine gun fire on the Soviet infantry and managed with artillery support KIA 4 teams.

The Sunset fell as the next element of the 55th Guards arrived, unfortunately for the Soviets they were unable to do enough damage to the Panzers on the objective, one KIA, one Bailed. The remaining Panzer kept his cool.

Turn 4: Endgame

This is it.

The 1st Geberg seizes the bridge and maintains control.

As more Panzergrenadiers arrive and night falling and their exit under NATO control, the remaining Soviet infantry surrender.

NATO losses: 3 Marder (with 2 Milan teams), 2 Gepard 1 and1 Leopard 1.
Soviet Losses: 7 T-72, 1 BMP1 and 5 infantry teams

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