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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Amsterdam Brawl: Twee Bruggen holds

West German
VS Warsaw Pact

Elements of the 7th Panzer (Westphalian) Division engaged lead elements of the 20th Tank Division (4th Guards Tank Army) at Twee Bruggen.


The Battle Area: The upper right corner is polder (swamp)

Terrain notes: The fields all have hedge borders, allowing concealment if teams are adjacent and a cross check. We ruled that Infantry could move in the Polder, but at half speed (did not come into play).

Left flank deployment:
Right Flank Deployment
Luchs Scouts Spearhard

7th Panzer deployed with the Luchs section spearheading. This allowed a Leopard 1 platoon and Marder platoon to deploy deep in the center and gain the advantage of the hedgerows. The Leopard Company commander opted to deploy one platoon on each flank. His Marder platoon in the fields near the polder. This would prove to be a key to the game.

The Marder Company commander pulled his Jagdpanzer element and Mortar along with a platoon deployed forward with the Luchs.

Soviet Deployment: Soviet Left

Opening moves

Soviet tanks deployed

Soviet tank forces push down the 7th Panzer's left flank. The exchange of fire was in the Soviets advantage as the Leo1s bailed one, while losing one of their own.

Soviet reinforcements dash ahead

The Soviet bailed tank recovered and with the rest of the company removed the Leo1s that threatened them.

Air Strike!

The Marder platoon shifted to bring Milan fire onto the Soviet tanks with help from the Jagdpanzer that did not get bogged. this accounted for one tank. The Leo commander raced over the bridge to bring fire on the Soviets, only to pay for it.

Soviet Air arrived to lay damage on the Marder Platoon.

German Mortars provide telling fires

The mortars started ranged in on the field to the right of the buildings, repeated fires removed 4 stands. Shifting fires to the right Objective removed another 3 stands. Mortars would be the killer of Infantry


Reinforcements arrive!

A platoon of Leo1s arrive JUST where they are needed! Opening fire KIA 4 and bailed one. Meanwhile the Marder platoon lost a Marder and 3 squads. With the other Marders bailed out the Milan teams had to chek morale, and failed. If this had been the Panzer Company's Marders that formation would have failed morale!

Soviet air returns
Knife Fight!

Things are getting tense as Tanks and Recon BMPs reach the Objective. Soviet air will kill the Leos on the top of the first picture. The Recon had dashed forward and could not fire, the tanks could not hit the Marder, Infantry commander or the Jagdpanzer.

The tide turns

Luck is with NATO as another tank Platoon arrives where it was needed. The threat to the objective is removed.

Meanwhile on the Right Flank

The mortars shift fire again and work over the Soviet infantry. Meanwhile a Marder platoon arrived, dashed down the road near the polder and was able to dismount. Saggers took out one Marder and more Soviet Air took out another and some infantry.

End game: Turn 8


German Artillery arrive to add M109 to the Mortars. These continue to pound the Soviet Infantry. The Tornados arrive 2 turns late to add to the pounding.

Facing more artillery, Air and Gepards and Leos moving down the central road, the Soviet commander ordered a withdrawal.

Game over.

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