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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Copenhagen Burning

Warsaw Pact
VS British
Recon Photo

Copenhagen Burning

++Transmission Received++
++GHQ updated++

1st Battalion was alerted by probing attacks from British forces. Soviets forces on full alert for British attacks with intention to reduce the bridgehead.

British Mechanized
2 x Mechanized Platoon
3 x Chieftains
4 x Rapiers
2 x Scorpions

Soviet BMP Battalion
1 x Med BMP1 Company
1 x Med BMP2 Company
2 x Shilkas
6 x Hinds

British forces exploited the right flank with their Scorpions. An infantry platoon tried to secure the buildings. Soviet infantry company holding the objective came under heavy fire but survived.
In return the BMP1s and infantry cleared some British soldiers who were trying to secure the building.

BMP2s sprung their ambush to destroy a FV432 platoon and RPG rounds destroyed the other. The shilkas came on turn 3 to destroy the rapiers.

The Hinds came on turn 4 to strafe the remaining British infantry and destroyed the last 2 Chieftains.
The last British soldiers were cleared from the building by a Soviet infantry assault.

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Warsaw Pact