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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Where did the Germans Come from? (Armchair #8 Bridge Head)

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Warsaw Pact
Mikle friesky
VS West German
The battle begins to free our brothers from the western control
The west Germans start to roll in at dawn along the road
Two leopard -2 sneaking up thru the woods
The AA using the cover of the hill to keep the infantry at bay.
The leopards opened up in the night able to see the targets
The AA firing from their cover just over the hill
The t-74m of the east German army light up the dawn
Daylight comes and with it 2 pahs
Tornados also come with day break
The ZSU FIND A TARGET. one shot down
Cluster bombs clear most of the infantry.
The leopards cross the river to help clear the infantry.
Not even the reserves coming in could help. Our position was over ran by turn 10.

It was a warm morning just before daybreak. It was reported by Soviet commanders that we were to hold the bridge head. We (east German) btr unit were to site right and dig in for a counter attack. We were only 2 groups strong as some of our company was protecting another bridge crossing some 20 kilos to the north east of our position. Intelligence says there are no NATO troops in our sector. Then we hear the leopard-2 engines as they draw near. I look to my 2nd and say #!$@. We order the tank hunting teams into position just as the West German tanks open fire. The first couple of shots were misses. Little did we know they were just working out there ranges. Our t-72ms moved out to slow down the advancing tanks. All the noise they made it easy for enemy infantry to pop flares at them and then the leopards blew them to help. @!#/ that was the main defense we had. I grabbed the radio and asked for reinforcements to which the reply was deal with it you self we are busy over here. #!$@ soviets!!!!! I called next to our comand and was able to get a set of ZSU. day break and now the West German has air power. With their pah and tornado strikes my men were cut in half. I frantically put a call out for any help. Finally slowing moving down the road a group of t-55s pop out and take the leopards by suprise bailing two from the side. A cheer went up from our men. It was short lived as the tanks opened up and half of the t-55 were burning. Unable to slow down the advancing tanks my men and I retreated back to link up with our comrades at the north bridge. The field was left to our poor misguided brothers from the West. I will never trust a Soviet commander again.

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