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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Brandenburg to Dresden (Armchair Adventure #11 Dust UP)

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Warsaw Pact
Mikle friesky
VS British
Storm Caller

the British are not unbeatable machines. They can be beaten!

The Battle field

It was midafternoon My BTR 60 Company was deployed just outside of Frankfurt. The British scorpions and 432 came in from our right flank. They opened fire and hit some of the BTR 60 lines. The BTR 60 line turned and engaged the scorpions and 432 some of our brave comrades left their foxholes and also engaged. This helped to slow down the British. The recon saw an opportunity and went full road speed to the objective. It was a clever trap, 3 chieftains popped out of the tree line from their reserve. They opened up a fire and everything the British had opened up hell on them. Luck was with our comrades only 2 out of 4 vehicles destroyed. The next thing the British knew my recon took the objective and ran like hell. The victory was ours. Long live mother Russian.

Yes there Destroyed!

So instead of what may have been an easy British win, the British commander allowed an opportunity to pass by for a good smacking of my men. This commander has been beating us at every turn. He must have had a cold and unable to focus. I told my men to see the British are not unbeatable machines. They can be beaten.

I'm the Silver back, I'm Silver back!
That's it your going to get one of these! Quicksilver!

Stay out of my Jungle!

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Storm Caller