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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

West vs East Bremen Counterattack

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West German
VS Warsaw Pact

Before action

Our war outbroke near Bremen, as place where East German counterattack met West German defence. Battlefield consisted outskirts of town, cropp fields and some forest. As defender I pick quarter and start deploing my forces. My Aufklarung Kompanie was held in reserves and Panzergrenadier Kompanie was displaced on battelfield. On left side of my deployment area Panzergrenadier Zug dig in on rocky hill and protect near obcjective as they Marder secured forward forest. Second Panzergrenadier Zug dig in on cropp field, with Jaguars 1 and HQ on my right deployment edge with view on second objectives. Main power of my army as Leopard 2 Zug took place on cropp field in center supported by seconf Marders. As divisional intel reported that there is low possibility of Warpact activity in air my Gepards was placed in ambush to reveal and hunt some infantry or light armoured forces.

On the other side of battlefields began appearing first East German Unit. Two companies of T-55 and Shilka Platoon took place ahead of center and right part of my forces. Infantry Company supported by Spandrel and some SAM Platoon started battle facing rocky hilly position and objective. Other BMP scout Platoon used spearhead and take city outskirts together with T-55 Company and approximately 15 BTR which happened with jam in small street and causing danger to secend objective.

1st TURN

Battle begun with roar of diesel engine and blaze of rounds from NVA side. Almost every unit push forward closing to Bundeswehr and objective. Only Spandrel and infantry AT-4, SA-14 teams was unmoved. At center one T-55 company move forward as second company grow in line abreast. Some T-55 from right flank move out from buildings endangering Leopards 2 side armour. While all enemy units moved they strat shot but in fact that all West German were gone to ground awaiting enemies all fierce fire destroy only one Marder in center. Lucky for Bundeswehr!

At start of my turn I revealed Gepard ambush in forest ahead of enemy infantry. Also from reserves arrived Leopard 1 Zug and HQ, moving through city to rear of T-55 and BTRs. Leopard 2 Zug moved slightly back and protecting their vurnerable side armour from T-55 fire as holding them on front they was untouchable. Other units move only slightly to gain better shooting position. Real hellfire hammered enemy units as Bundeswehr start precise fire. Leopard 2 salvo destroy four T-55 and bailed out another one. On left flank two Gepard fired Spandrel scoring one kill and one bailed out. Another two Gepards with Marders shot into infantry pinning them. Milans teams together with Jaguar 1 destroy another two T-55 and bailed out four more. On right flank two Leopard 1 which managed to saw T-55 open fire while rest shot BTR scoring two T-55 destroyed and some BTR. That was good turn for Bundeswehr but if luck will be with us still?

2nd TURN

Sadly to my opponent his infantry was unable to unpinned this turn. Spandrel managed to pass their morale test and remounted one of them. Some tanks remounedt and some still was out of action. One center T-55 company push forward closing to Leopards 2 while second supporting them by fire. T-55 on right flank changed position to open fire to Leopards 1while BTRs was adwancing. When NVA open fire they destroyed two of Leopards 1. Also concentrated fire of East german destroyed Jaguar 1 Zug. Their pinned infantry destroyed one Gepard and bailed out 2. Finally with lucky shot from Spandrel one shaped charge warhead managed to penetrated armour of one Leopard 2 and destroing him. Funny as my oponent disagree to call NVA Soviet but he state that Spandrel crew will be awarded title of Hero of the Soviet Union. What turned out later awarded title posthumously...

This turn any forther reserves came. Leopard 2 again repostioned. When shootind started. Gepard finished Spandrel unit. NVA infantry was again pinned again by combined fire of Marder. Leopard 2 disturbed by loss of one tanks score only one hit T-55 and only bailed out. Unlucky Leopard 1also do nothinf this time. It was hard turn for Bundeswehr.

3rd turn

Infantry with support of batalion commander who drive to them last turn managed to unpinned. In center T-55 company advanced to rocky hill showing their side armour to some Bundeswehr units. BMP scout units use Blitz to took better place for their AT missiles. During shooting infantry finished gepard units and bailed out one Marder. Combined fire were conduct against my infantry unit killing some teams. Luckily for me on right flank T-55 didnt kill any Leopard 1.

This turn Luchs Spah Trupp came from reserves. Leopard 2 move back again. Luchs head again BMP scout. T-55 company on right flank was reduced to 3 tanks by Leopard 1 and Milan team. Leopard 2 with little help killed some tanks from first T-55 company on center and T-55 was fed up with fight and abandon battlefield.

4th turn

NVA start turn with pushing forward. Infantry moved preparing for assault on marder in forest and Fliegerfaust Gruppe. T-55 at center used Blitz to achive flank of Leopards 2 with some of them. Shilkas moved towards Bundeswehr hill position. BTRs concentrate on infantry in cropp field. Gaskin moved near objective. During shooting T-55 on center managed to destroy ona Leopard 2 with flanking shot. T-55 on rigth sidewith one BMP scout destroy last two Leopard 1. Infantry assaulted Marders at forest destroing them.

At my turn last Luchs Spah Trupp arrive moving toward BMP scout supporting T-55 on right flank. Last Leopard 2 defend near cropp field trying keep T-55 on front. Leopard 2 with infantry using Panzerfaust kill some T-55 on center. Last Marder unit reduce Shilka unit to only one but he pass his morale. Luchs on right side destroyed on BMP but again NVA pass morale check. Second Luchs Trupp destroy BMP scout on center.

5TH turn

On center T-55 surround last leopard 2 and BTRs surround infantry on cropp field. NVA infantry with Shilka shot to infantry on rocky hill and Fliegerfaust Gruppe destroying last. T-55 shot Leopard 2 scoring one hit but fortunatelly didn't pass firepower and only bail out Leopard. BTR destroy Bundeswehr infantry and HQ on cropp field. BMP scout shot one Luchs on right flank.

Leopard 2 was detrmined to fight until last stand and remount in my turn. Brave crew drive near objective to secure them. Leopard destroied two T-55 tanks on right flank leaving just sole commander of this unit. Luchs on right flank shot BMP scout but didn't do much. Second Luchs on center shot one Gaskin and bailed out another. Last infantry and Marders shot some BTR and infantry.


During next turn NVA managed to kill last Leopard 2. BTR move near rocky hill and shoot last infantry together witk other element of forces. Bundeswehr infantry was reduced to bad spirit. Also last Marder unit was destroyed. Only Luchs Truppin center was untouched. Information about last Luchs on right flank is missing.

Generally NVA crush last defence and bloody win battle!

Thanks for attention. Sorry for my English mistakes.
Thanks to Sejmitar for battle and photos :)

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