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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Engagement near Wetzlar

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Warsaw Pact
Nikolai Zhukuv
VS United States

Forward troops of 8th Guards Army pushed Forward in an attempt to outflank Frankfurt an reaching the Lahn river at Limburg. If succesfull, there would another day or two to finally reach the Rhine.
Some worn down US Forces stood in their way.

The Mission was Free for All.
My Forces:

1x BMP-2 Command
13x BMP-2
13x BMP-2
5x T-64 (Cobra)
2x Hinds
4x SU-25

Flo's US Forces

1x M1 Command
4x M1
3x M1
3x M109
2x Cobras
1x MEch. Inf. platoon
4x Vulcans
2x ITV's

I was the attacker and there fore started to deploy first. My aim was to go over the left flank with my dashing infantery and to hold the other one with my BMP's. My T-64 should use the village in the middle of the table to sneak into the american lines.

My 100 point soviet army
The table. Soviets on the right

He won the roll for the first turn ans started to shoot on my BMP's. There are enough of them. I postioned my BMP for the next turn to hit his M1 with very available Konkurs Missile. My Su-25 also arrived and attacked his Vulcans directly. My T-64 also were in Position to do so. As a result every Vulcan was destroyed in the first round. Not that bad. I lost a Su from AA fire, but the sky was clear now.

This ugly things eat T-64's for breakfast...

On the second turn he started to hit my T-64. Lucky for me that the M1 did not shoot well, only the Cobras knocking out one T-64. His Arty hit one Company of BMP and destroyed some.
In my turn the SU arrived again, hunting this ugly Cobras. The Hinds attacked one platoon of M1. He rolled for his AA fire and killed one Hind making the other turn around. How often does this happen in my games. I should only use four or more. His Arty was killed by accurate Konkurs fire and one M1 also fell to T-64 Cobra Missiles.

My companies advancing on the right flank. He used smoke for repositioning his platoons
BMP hill... this was when I started to attack one M1 platoon with my missiles... but then...
The answer was brutal...

He knocked out several BMP with his M1 and tried to Reposition the rest of his army. My T-64 were now a able to strike in every direction and also with 14" of movement able to hit the flank of his M1.
On the left side my infantery was short before the objective and started to fight his mech platoon.
The fight was short and the mech platoon was wiped out completely. The objective was still to far away.

His one M1 platoon was the only unit that could reach the objective. With the danger to get sideshots from the advancing T-64. Well done.

Mech. Inf. waiting for the soviet tide

My T-64 rolled Forward to hit his M1 into the sides destroying three of them. My infantery was now able to reach the objective and Flo recognized the will be not able to win. So he drove his M1 into the flanks of the T-64 and killing them all.

But the game was over and the Red Army was the winner!

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Warsaw Pact
Nikolai Zhukuv