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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Lieutenat van Dycks last stand

Warsaw Pact
Nikolai Zhukuv
VS United States

The objective was clear. Capture a Rhine crossing near Köln and then move as many troops on the other side. But the americans were able to attack on a line between Köln and Gummersbach.

My Soviet Forces:
1x Command T-64
5x T-64 (Cobra)
4x T-64 (Cobra)
12x BMP-2
4x Gopher
3x Gvozdika
4x Hinds
US Forces
1x Command M1
4x M1
3x M1
4x Vulcans
3x M109
1x Mech. Inf. platoon
2x Cobras
2x ITVs
2x Scout platoon
The Mission was Hasty attack with the US as attacker.

My Soviet army
The table. US on the right side

I place my BMPs and the Gophers on the table. My T-64 were Held in ambush. Flo placed his M1, M109, Cobras and his Scout platoon on the table. He also used spearhead to get over the table very quick.
Turn 1
He opened the game with a fussilade wihich destroyed 9 BMPs and bailed another 3. He passed my test.
Only one BMP Crew went back to their track and fired one Konkurs at the Cobras. They hit at the heli came down. For the other one it was to much and he fled to battlefield. My T-64 destroyed one M1 with a Cobra.

Good shot from my last BMP

Turn 2
He rolled for reserves and the M1 came on the board. Nice. They directly dashed for the left side objective. The last BMPs were destroyed by the M1 and one T-64 was killed by a Copperhead.
My T-64 advanced and killed the FIST. Hah... no more rockets flying around.

Turn 3
He moved his M1 into the field to have cover. Then he tried to shoot at my T-64 without result. In return the T-64 missed. His other M1 fired there machine guns at my infatery and killing some stands.

No chance to hide...

Turn 4
Now he turned around his M1 to move them to the left objective. Not a good. The 3x M1 got into Position now to attack and I had nothing to stop them... besides my brave soviet infatery man. The M109 lay some smoke between my T-64 and the M1.
So he chraged and killed some stands. But my RPGs bailed one an the other two heades out of the Close combat.
My T-64 passed their Blitz order and moved 18 Inches. Now they were able to shoot the M1 flanks. They just killed one.

Seems this will be getting bloody... for the russians...
My brave guys won... unbelievable
My T-64 flanking the M1

Turn 5
Flo got all reserves on the table and it looked not very good for me. He now brought Forward two M1 platoons on my infantery Company. After machine gunning them he attacked with this two platoons. I fired all my RPGs on the smaller platoon. And how lucky I was. I bailed one and the other one fled from the battle. The other 3 charging M1 killed some infatery men but then again... my RPG soldiers where the finest in the Red Army. They again bailed one making the last two turning around. Lucky lucky lucky...
Finally my Hinds arrived. My T-64 pushed Forward to the other side. I was very confident, that the Hinds would finish the M1 and my T-64 could kill those ITVs. But... the Hinds missed and also did the T-64. Uhhh... now it seemed to the best idea to push Forward anymore.

They are all Heroes of Soviet Union
What are they doing...

Turn 6
He now focused everything on my T-64 and destroying them completely. Ouch... that was like a breaking Point in the game. My damn Hinds...
But they took revenge and killed the last two M1.

Turn 7
The other objective was free now and he dashed Forward his mech. platoon, his vulcans and the Scouts. My Hinds tried to shoot the vulcans but only killed one bailing another. My reserves all arrived in the opposite Corner.

Turn 8
The vulcans shot down all 4 Hinds and I was not able to secure the left side objective. It was a US victory.

Finally they kill the two last M1
The table at the end of the game

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