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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Last Ride of 9th Panzer

Warsaw Pact
Oberst Waffen
VS West German

100 pts. per side. East vs West Germans using the Niederbayern Bridgehead Scenario.

Waffen had heard 9th Panzer was being pulled out of the line soon and that time couldn't get here fast enough. At the last divisional orders meeting he found out how appalling casualties had been for the division. They had started the war full strength and were even forced by a BTR Regiment. And now, the combat teeth had two under 50% strength regiments, one tank and one motor rifle. The tank regiment was now mixed with T72's and T55's and Waffen was in charge of the one of the two motor rifle battalions left in the division and it was also a mix of BMP 1's and 2's and BTR's. The other battalion was all BTR's and the infantry had been stripped from all the other battalions to make these. All he had to do was stop a West German counter attack in the Niederbayern area first.

It was still night but dawn was fast approaching and with that hopefully more reserves. Waffen only had half of his battlegroup and worse, just one company of armor. He deployed his BMP2 and BTR infantry in the city around two critical road junctions giving his AT-4 teams good fields of fire. He had his BMP-2's hidden in the city to counter any armored thrust. 5 T-72's were deployed in some woods to the right in open country with Spandrels on the outskirts of the city to support them.

My deployment. Forgot to remove the red sticks. BMP-2s in ambush.
Looking from the other end. Those 4 Gepards and the Fuchs platoon next to them gave me the most trouble of anything. BTR company behind the church with all the support weapons in the two buidings directly behind the church. The medium BMP2 dismounts are in the green auti garage past the church and the two buidings to its left. Turned out to be very good placement.

Waffen heard the growl of tank engines in the darkness and could tell they were the dreaded Leopard 2's. He also heard the sound of helicopter engines. His plan was told hold tight until reinforcements and daylight both arrived. Suddenly a T-72 erupted in flames from a volley of fire from the Leopard 2's. The others fled and took new positions behind the woods. A new threat to the left; 4 Gepards and a Fuchs platoon were trying the sneaky approach towards the rear lines where the artillery and ZSU's were located.

While things were looking very bleak for Waffens' forces dawn broke and with it a company of T72's came rushing on to the battlefield! They came in just where needed to with all 4 being able to get flank shots on 2 Leopard 2's in some woods. The other 3 remaining T72's and Spandrels all had shots at the other Leopard 2, the tanks rushing towards the Leopards to cut the range. When all was said and done 2 Leopard 2's were ablaze and their comrade fled the field of battle!
A see saw battle was developing in the town at the church. The non support weapons of the BTR company had moved in right before daybreak when suddenly a rocket bombardment hit the church stunning all the defenders inside. Then a small group of fearless West German infantry assaulted the church and drove out the defenders.
The next turn despite enough firepower to level a small town only the Milan team was made a casualty. It was now the East German turn to assault and they did so victoriously with casualties suffered on both sides. The West Germans were reduced to a single squad who fearlessly refused to flee.
Meanwhile the Gepard's made a very destructive appearance and in one turn destroying 3 howitzers and 2 ZSU's. The BMP-2's were forced to deal with the Gepard's instead of hunting actual tanks. Being a stubborn foe the Gepard's had to all be killed but they took more of Waffen's forces with them before finally meeting their demise.

Great luck coming together. Rolled a 5 for dawn on my turn 3, then rolled my 1st die for reserves and got it and then it came on wherever on board edge. The Leopard 2's were just about ready to wreak havoc as well. These 4 T72s had flank shots on 2 and the other Leo 2 had 3 close range T72 shots and 3 Spandrels to deal with. One of these 2 survived, but 2 were destroyed. And then West German morale failed and the last one ran.
Gepards and Fuchs roughing me up. Had to use my BMP's to deal with Gepards; at least the Leo 2's had just been nixed. It took me 2 rounds of shooting to rid myself of the Gepards and I had to rush my two remaing ZSU's out to contest the objective as my infantry wouldn't rally. Even with the CO close by. The game almost ended after this turn and only the ZSU's passing their morale to stay kept me in it.
Spandres passing a blitz to knock out 2 Leo 1's. Infantry in the buildings to the right of the tanks took out the last with RPG7 fire.
T55's which came on the right flank went for the LARS who were also quite annoying. They dropped some minefields on 3 of my T72's piining them in place. T55 mg fire took revenge.
This also almost went bad for me. He successfully blitzed a 2 strong platoon of Leo1's and their CO and then moved at the stabiliser speed giving him 18 inches of movement. He ended with flank shots with 4 shots and front with 2 and needed 4's.............missed with all but 1. The T55's took out 1 and AT-4's the CO. The last passed and moved to where is here and took out two more T55 and the last 2 finally got him. Whew.

Waffen was very pleased he troops had destroyed the Leopard 2's and the Gepards, although the last had depleted his AA and taken out his artillery. The Bundi's has briefly driven his men from the strategic church but were soon repulsed and destroyed. The Bundi anti tank helo's were apparently immune to all the missile fire his troops could muster as well, although he did see one go down. The others kept plinking away at his vehicles though.
Bundi reserves were slow in coming and their commander was forced to piecemeal them into the battle allowing Waffen to take them at one at a time. A Leopard 1 platoon made a rush at a company of T55's who had just arrived, but after a swirling point blank duel the T55's came out on top. The last wheeled infantry platoon dashed towards the church but BMP autocannon fire kept them at bay. Finally only the enemy helicopters and some of their Luchs recon vehicles were left and they all slowly backed off the battlefield. Soon, the battlefield was free of gunfire, but then the sounds of the wounded could be heard.
Waffen really didn't know which was worse. At least now, he thought, he could some rest. He hoped.

Reserves moving in but by this time the West Germans were pretty much spent with Luchs reserves coming on as everything else had been committed.
End of battle. The West Germans got mixed up in my rear lines a lot and some bad gunnery on their part kept me in the game.

This game was tight from the go. I pretty much did nothing while it was night and with daytime luck smiled letting me get rid of the Leopard 2 platoon and the Gepards. Unfortunately the Gepards had already done their damage, killing 3 SAU 152's and 2 ZSU's. I did have a tough fight at the church with 4 stands of tough as nails West German's kicking me out and then almost beating off my assault. By the time the 2nd platoon of them came on I didn't let them get too close. My opponets reserves came on in a trickle also helping me out. Very close, tough game, which is of course the best kind!

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Warsaw Pact
Oberst Waffen