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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Ut oh the Red's are pissed

United States
Paul Downs
VS Warsaw Pact

Well we hit the Red's pretty dam good early on but has we kept moving we met up with the bear and he was pissed. We had to take the cross road and hold it but as we moved into position the reds came screaming down the field like one solid wall of Red Armor a mix of T-64’s and T-72'S it was a crazy fight and then it just got worse Hind's coming in missles and guns blazing our Commander was on the horn screaming for air support as every tank on our flank was turned to scrap we were just starting to back up when a pair of Cobra's came in and started to dish out some payback. Both sides pulled back and wait reinforcements but as we looked at the field it looked like a junkyard of scrap metal.

The flank not looking to good
The Red's hitting our flank
The command tank firing into the Red Armor

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