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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Mittlefranken to Nuremberg (Armchair#15 / Mission: No Retreat)

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United States
K. Meyer
VS Warsaw Pact
Mikle friesky

Beating Against the Iron Wall

American (K. Meyer) vs. Russian (Mikle friesky)
Mission: No Retreat

**Disclaimer: At the very last minute, I was asked to help and play on the Warsaw Pact side due to there was only 1 player for them that showed up on time.
The other 2 players were late and we had started already with the games. Of the games I played and helped with, it was not a good day for NATO players...just saying!

Just doing the report this way cause I don't have a Warsaw Pact account and I know we will be going into a new phase and don't want to cheat the Warsaw Pact of their points, as much as I hate to give them any! LoL!
Took the loss for the team on my US account which is no biggie, so this report can be made so that all players had a chance to play and I know I can make it up in other games. Thanks

Russian deployment area looking South-West that was done for me. I didn't change anything and started Turn-1.
US deployment area looking North-East.
Looking from the North.

Turn-1: Hook.....

The Americans lay a smoke screen on my right flank as they move forward.
On my left flank, the Americans make contact and engage BMP-2's.
On my turn, I drop a barrage of Hail Rockets on the enemy and pin his infantry and the BMP-2's bail a M1.
On my left flank the BMP-2's miss but the Storm hits a M1 and destroys it.
The Pride of Lion's coming into the Bears lair.....

Turn-2: Line.....

On the left flank, with tenacity the American force moves on the left side but is stalled due to a minefield. He pushes towards the center of town destroying a BMP-2
On my right flank, my opponent cannot rush in due to a extensive minefield in his path. He knows it is being overwatched by BMP-2's and Infantry, so he moves to the West to go around delaying him more. He bombards the building with the Infantry inside and widdles at them and destroys the remaining BMP-2 line.
On my right flank, I miss with my BMP-2's but in the center I bail a M1 with a BMP and the Shilka's destroy 3 M113's....dice on this turn not so good!

Turn-3: Sinker.....

The American force on the right flank, found a break in the minefield and skirted around to push forward. Once past the minefield, they began to engage the BMP-2's holding the line and destroyed them. He also managed to destroy a 2S1 Carnation artillery vehicle as well. He was now hitting on this side of the flank.
On my left flank, the American's kept aggressively pushing forward and destroyed a Storm & Gopher SAM vehicle. My opponent also repeat his fire mission to keep whittling at my infantry in the building.
In the center of town I unleash the ambush of T-64's, destroying 2 M1's. My infantry now in the building and artillery are raining down fire on the enemy and whittling him down. The main thrust coming into town is stopped cold.
On my turn, my reserves come in of more T-64's and I move up on my left flank. My Storm vehicles return fire and destroy a M109 artillery vehicle moving up.

Turn-4: The Haul In.....

The American forces M1's advance to form up a firing line and destroy another 2S1 Carnation vehicle, a Scout BMP-1/OP and a BMP-2, forcing me to make a morale check and the remaining retreat. His infantry are now up against my building and move to assault. The assault is a success and I'm forced to fall back in spite of my efforts.
In the center of town he brings up a M1 and destroys a T-64 tank (his dice were on a roll!)
I move my T-64 formation in the center of town to engage the M1's flanking on this side...and MISS! My artillery and rockets have no effect except to pin the infantry in the building. The Shilka's fire and still only whittle away at them.
I engage the M1's and M113's with the T-64's on this side and destroy the last 2 M1's and a ITV on this flank. My enemy is firing his VAD's into the buildings that I occupy but only pinn them. He now uses the M109's as direct fire into the buildings with Infantry and kills 2 teams. He also uses his mortars to bombard my infantry and while I'm moving from building to building!

Turn-5: On the Cutting Block.....

On my right flank the American M1's engages the T-64's and manages to destroy 2 and bail another, forcing me to make a morale check and they stay. His infantry in the building fail to unpin and hold. He moves a M1 towards the objective in the center of town, but on my return fire is destroyed properly.
The Americans on the left flank try to break thru the Iron Wall and destroys another T-64, but still can't. He is still whittling my Infantry down and is close to making me check morale with the VAD's, Mortar and M109 fire.
My return fire on the left flank destroys another ITV and a VAD.

Turn-6 & 7: Tasty.....

The American force still had tenacity in them and tried to force his way into the center of town to reach the objective. He moved his remaining M1 platoon onto the road and destroyed 2 more T-64's and they still held on. I fired back at the M1's and destroyed 2 to force a morale check which he failed. In the center of town, he moved M113's in to try to get to the objective but were destroyed from Infantry fire from the buildings. On the left flank, he couldn't break the other T-64 line and I destroyed his M109's and remaining VAD to force a morale check and they retreated.

By Turn-7 he had only an Infantry Platoon and a Scout section I believe remaining. I still was solidly holding both objectives and my opponent surmised that what it would take to get to the objective was not attainable and we called it with that said. We both fought hard and had fun in the process.
My plan was to have the BMP's be the sacrificial lambs but make sure to have them destroyed in key locations to be wreckage in his path to slow him down. Once I understood the capabilities of the Russian force given to me, I used its strength against my opponent. Well, it also doesn't help that I play Americans too, so I knew what his capabilities were and used it against him.....Oops!

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Warsaw Pact
Mikle friesky


  • Fill says:

    I definitely need to urgently buy small cars! This is how many shelters for the infantry! And Infantry can used a skill check to get free transport 🙂

  • bayankhan says:

    nice report

  • fingolfen says:

    Great looking report and great outcome – glad I waited to rate until it was together! 😀

  • Storm Caller says:

    Change disclaimer now that your done

  • Larasi says:

    A good Report and the Table looks very nice

  • K. Meyer says:

    Oh well, I guess we are in a new phase………

  • Arkhos says:

    Very cool table et nice report (so far ^^)!

  • Storm Caller says:

    Vladimir and Davehodo,

    Quicksilver and I end up playing WARWAS PAC vs playing Blue on Blue, and we both won! So we are long them as loses and give the credit to Milke Freisky. MF is “writing” the “victory report”. We are just getting credit for a report. This way WSRSAW PAC get the victory, seemed better anserw then blue on blue report or sign up as WARSAW PAC for a single game!



  • K. Meyer says:

    Sorry gang, I some how mistakenly went from private to public….still working on it. I will have it complete in a few hours.

    Thanks in advance!

  • davehodo says:

    Looks like it was a great game. Pics look fantastic-nice job-looks great so far-cant wait to see it in all its glory, well done

  • Vladimir Orlovsky says:

    I’m going to hold off on the rating as this looks like you’re still working on it and it looks great so far. If you’re not finished just keep the status as Private and then switch it over to public once you’re all set.

    Looking great though!