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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Bremen 1

Warsaw Pact
VS West German
Baron Von Munchausen

Soviet: T72 Tank Bn
4x T72 Co
4x T72 Co
BMP-1 Inf Co (Med)
BMP-2 Recce
2x ZSU 23-4
West German Panzer Grenz
HQ Panzer Grenz
panzer Grenz (full)
panzer Grenz (full)
3x Jaguar
6x Gepards
6x Flegerfaust
4x Tornadoes

Hoping to seal the Northern flank, Soviets attack into Bremen. The West German force defending to keep the North Ports open

Turn 1:
The Soviets plan is to concentrate all fire power on the dug in German infantry holding the right objective in the city. The Recce Co will Scout the left side and opportunity fires on the left objective. Both T72 companies head directly to the town and fire at well concealed infantry. Two Teams were hit and killed by T72 brutal fire. The BMP -Mech Company enters the town. AA coverage from the ZSU unit stops short of the town scanning the sky's for enemy Air.
West German's fire Milans and Jaguars killing 1x T72. Marder fire destroys 1x BMP1 causing Soviet infantry to scrabble out the backend dazed and confused.

Turn 2:
The Soviet Mech infantry enter town buildings and fire on the WG, who make all saves. The T72 Company fires at the Jaguars killing all 3. ZSU23-4 pepper the town buildings to no effect.
WG inf fire at Soviet Inf in buildings to no effect. Milan teams fire at right side T72 unit killing 2x T72. Further causing the remaining T72 to quit the field.

Turn 3: Remaining T72 company plus BN CDR fire on and kill all remaining WG. BMP2 recce engage 2nd WG Inf plt
WG Airforce screams in and targets T72 Co infront of the town and destroys 4! The ZSU 23-4 commander was shot by the political kommisar. Infantry zug #2 fires on and destroys BMP recce Co.

Turn 4. Soviets hold Objective

4-3 Victory to the Soviets.

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Warsaw Pact


  • Baron says:

    Congrats for the win mate!

  • AlohaRover says:


  • bayankhan says:

    Well done

  • Rangerdane says:

    Comerade Nabeshin,

    You are correct, it was the later, the HQ and one infantry team died, and the remaining team failed its Last Stand.

    Thank you for reading my report

  • Nabeshin says:

    It’s strange, if the details in the report are correct then the last platoon of 4x T-72s and 1x HQ had to kill 4x Marders (1 HQ) and the remaining 3 infantry teams. Alternatively they had to kill the three teams + the HQ and let the Marders run, assuming HQ wasn’t in his Marder. Being hit on 5+ Minimum for being dug in, the more likely explanation is that the HQ and one infantry team died, and they failed Last Stand. A little more detial in the report would help clarify this.

  • Red Alert says:


    This had a one star rating?

    Wonder why. It is not a 10 but it isn’t a 1 either.

    Be fair in your ratings.

    And Ranger…

    Spasiba for the win 🙂