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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Fulda 5

Warsaw Pact
VS United States
John Bates

Mission: Hasty Attack

Soviet: T72 Tank Bn
4x T72 Co
4x T72 Co
BMP-1 Inf Co (Med)
BMP-2 Recce
2x ZSU 23-4
US: Armored Co
2x M1 plt
2x M1 plt
2x ITV plt
2x VAD plt
M113 Mech Inf plt

The Soviets are attempting to punch a hole through the NATO secondary line. The US Armor units are dug in and waiting.

Turn 1:
This is a bloody battle. The US VADS were "caught" out in the open after intial movement and the BMPs destroyed them. One US M1 Platoon cover covering the left was swarmed.
US reposition the M1 plt from the far objective and destroy 2x T72 and bails a 3rd.
Turn 2:
Soviets destroy the M1 platoon covering the objective.
US ITVs destroy the first T72 platoon. The US Mech platoon "feeds" an infantry over to contest the objective.

Turn 3.
Soviets destroy ITV platoon and infantry team near the objective, Soviets destroy all remaining M113s, all US infantry save.
US infantry take out ZSU platoon.

4-3 Victory to the Soviets.

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Warsaw Pact