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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Torturing Tadcaster

Warsaw Pact
VS British
The Lord Tadcaster

Setting the Stage & Deployment

This afternoon I played a Ruhr Breakthrough mission vs Igor's British Infantry formation of 2 beefy infantry platoons, 3 Chieftains, assorted light vehicles and harriers. My Volksarmee contained a core of 11 T-72s, 4 Hinds w/ Air landing platoon, Carnations, recon, and some AA. Igor opted to pick the opposite table sides that gave him 1 quarter of primarily fields and the other a town. I placed my objectives in the open on opposite corners of their zone.

Deployment: One objective placed near town square, other behind the gas station lower left. Volksarmee Deployment upper right.

Opening Salvos

Reinforcements came early for the Volksarmee. A platoon of T-72s rushed to take out British AA assets. Moving out of cover proved costly for any Soviet armor as the British had too many long range AT assets to deal with. The thought quickly became take the gas station, fortify the area and wait for the British to come to me.

Turn 1 reinforcements of 5 T-72s went hunting for Igor's only AA on the table. Only killed 1, but caused the test.
Ouch! Failed the Shoot and scoot. Those little cheap armored cars with missiles did a number.


Phase one I decided to drop off my infantry in the best possible position around the objective. This proved costly as I lost 2 of 4 helicopters. The British ambushed their Chieftains along a board edge and quickly dealt with the remains of the reserve T72 platoon, however, my helicopters and recon BMP1's destroyed the Chieftains in turn. The British destroyed the BMPs and started to move their light vehicles to contest the objective. Meanwhile my infantry at the gas station forgot their shovels on the helicopters so they weren't digging in anytime soon.

Dropped the infantry off on the objective on Turn 3. in HINDsight(hahah!) I really think i should've ran the infantry on and used the hinds elsewhere. Lost 2 hinds to ground fire while being useless.
Turn 3: Chieftains ambushed and destroyed the remains of the T-72s that came from reserve.
The Volksarmee get lucky and the remaining Hind and some T-72s from the other side eliminate the Chieftains.
The British pushed everything they have towards the soldiers holding the objective.

The Curtain Falls

With the turn counter quickly approaching 6, the British had little choice to make a made dash to assault my unprotected infantry. He threw everything he had MG wise at them and whittled them down 3 or 4 stands before launching the assault. Unfortunately, I didn't get enough hits to throw it back and the Brit was able to contest the objective. On my turn 6 with the new victory conditions of controlling objectives I only had to kill 2 light vehicles to win as I still barely held onto the gas station. The remaining Hind whiffed, but in the end 2 of 4 RPG shots landed home and passed their firepower. In the end 4-3. The new VP rules really shined to help get a resolution!!

Moving on towards the gas station.
Turn 6. Objective safe!

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