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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Burt's Knights Advance

United States
VS Warsaw Pact


Deployment map

Surveying the battlefield the XO chose to commit the Scouts, 2nd Platoon and the indirect fire assets. 1st platoon with the Cobras and Infantry would close up as soon as they could.

The Soviets had a BMP2 Company in the woodline near the objectives and a tank Company across the road forward of the BMPs. Parked in the corner was a battery of HAILs.

Soviet deployment
NATO Deployment

Early Game


The XO got lucky and heard the welcome sounds of rotors coming in from his right. A section of Attack Helicopters take position behind the woods

Made by the lowest bidder

Attempting to make a quick kill the Snakes release their rock pods, proving the adage: "Best equipment in the world, made by the lowest bidder"

Soviet gunners have temporary relief.

Cross fire: Burt's Knights and Snakes work on the Tank Company

Second platoon move forward to get inside the Spandrels envelope and engage the Tank company in the open. The Snakes take shot from rear and account for a kill. TOW from the Scouts count for one as well.

Death of the Tank Company

Continued fire from 2nd Platoon, the Scouts and the Snakes kill the remaining Soviet tanks.

1st Platoon arrives

1st platoon arrives and dashes forward to place more pressure on the BMP company. The Mortars and the FA Battery have been pounding the BMP company in the woodline, keeping them pinned and whitlling away at the infantry.

Gatling fire from the Helicopters take out the HAIL battery

End game

Infantry arrives

2/41 Infantry arrives and deploys to dig out the BMPs. Artillery and massed .50cal fire has removed most of the Soviet infantry.

Too late!

The second Soviet tank company arrived, too late to change the battle. D22 and 24 take the fire, while 21 and 23 move to the high ground to return fire. An AT section from Echo company, the Scouts and the Snakes (just off the top of the picture) light up the Soviets. The AA section missed with all missiles.

The Soviet Commander called the game at this point. His Tanks were burning, his Infantry was depleted and his Air Support was still trying to find the target area (failed to show).

US losses, 2 M1 tanks.

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