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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Meeting Engagement near Limburg

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Nikolai Zhukuv

Tank battle near Limburg

Nico already wrote some AAR of this weekend of intense gaming.
Now I want to do the same, but from american view.

I start with our last game at sunday. After setting up the table we rolled for the mission.
It was Dust up with m was defender.

The Lists:
Mission was Dust up with me as the attacker

Nicos Soviet Forces:

1x T-64 Command (Cobra)
4x T-64 (Cobra)
5x T-64 (Cobra)
12x BMP-2
4x Gopher
3x BMP Scouts
4x SU-25

My US force

1x M1 Command
4x M1
3x M1
2x Vulcans
3x M109
2x A10
2x ITV's
1x Mech. Inf. platoon

The Set up

I started in the upper left corner and decided to bring up a platoon of four M1, my M109 with Fist, the two Vulcans and a Platoon of ITV's

Turn 1 and 2:

We both moved our tanks into the middle but the hill denied a direct confrontation. The T-64's decided to attack my poor ITV's and blowed one up. The other fled.

My M109's fired blindly at the Infantry at field an killed 3.

Nothing to see :(
Big Guns blast away the paper armored ITV

Turn 3:

The first reinforcements came on the russian side in the form of another T-64 platoon.
My M1 Platoon rushed forward and attacked the first T-64 platoon but without any effect.

Revenge!!!! ...or not
More russians in cans

Turn 4:

Now the tank battle started. The M1's were able to destroy the T-64's that arrived in the last round.
The M109 Platoon and the second M1 platoon (just arrived at the table) destroyed the Gopher platoon behind the russian Infantry on the left side of the table

The remaining T-64's were able to bail two M1's

Finally revenge for ITV's
To much fire for the Gophers

Turn 5:

Without any russian air defense my A10 dare on the field to attack the communist tanks. But I wasn't lucky at this turn. First my bailed M1's refused to remount their vehicles then the shooting of the remaining two M1 and the A10's only bailed two T-64's.
Then the russians opened up their fire and blast away 3! of the M1's.
On the other side of the table it did not go any better. The M1's killed four BMP's but then the BMP's and the newly arrived Frogfoots responded the fire and killed two of my tanks and bailed the last one.

A lot of shooting but without any real effect
Thats not enough!
*Ouch,thats a slap in the face
That hurts!!

Turn 6:

Turn 5 was a bad awakening and it get even worse. My A10's and the last M1 on the left side of the field missed the soviet tanks totally. In return the M1 was killed by the T-64's who also secured the mission objective at the Gas station.
The russian infantry and the BMP's also decided it was time to rush towards the mission objective.

Missed again
The communists rushed forward

Turn 7:

My last reserves arrived. The command M1 killed 2 T-64's the M109's and the Vulcans did the same with the newly arrived BMP 1's. The Mech Platoon rushed for the Gas station to secure the mission objective.

Then the russians were in charge. The Frogfoots killed the Command M1 and one of the Vulcans the other decided to leave the battlefield. The communist infantry pushed into the Mech platoon forced them to retreat.

The russians secured the Objective again.

Fight for the objective
Not again the Su's X(
Close Combat for the newly arrived Bild-Newspaper

Turn 8:

What more can i say? My Mech platoon refused to fighting so the russians won the game. At least my M109's destroyed a T-64 and forced the last one to left the table. The A10's bombed the russian infantry but this did not change anything at the end of the game.

The last desperate defense

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