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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Engagement near Wetzlar

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Nikolai Zhukuv

Hey everyone. Another report of a thrilling game against Nicos communists hordes.
But i won't talk to much, lets go directly into action!

The Mission was Free for All.

Nicos Forces:

1x BMP-2 Command
13x BMP-2
13x BMP-2
5x T-64 (Cobra)
2x Hinds
4x SU-25

My US Forces

1x M1 Command
4x M1
3x M1
3x M109
2x Cobras
1x MEch. Inf. platoon
4x Vulcans
2x ITV's

The Table
The Russian Set-up
My Set-up

I set up my troops behind the hill on the left and behind the small wood in the middle to have some cover against the massiv deployment of rocket-throwing BMPs. My Mech. Platoon secured the objective on my right flank.


I won the roll for the first round and so I decided to move forward with both M1 platoons using as much cover as I could. The M1's in the middle missed to hit the T-64's. But The Cobras were able to destroy one of them.

The russians couldn't do much and so they moved forward but the BMP's destroyed my ITV platoon

KABOOM! First Blood


First i moved all of my tanks to the Aldi-market and opened a combined fire at BMP's on the hill killing a lot of them. I coverd my advance with a smoke screen in front of the second BMP company.

The the russian Su's arrived and killed my Vulcans and one of the Cobras the other fled from the field.
The Hinds tried to attack the M1's but were shoot down by their AA-fire.

Combined fire
Paper can't protect you
The Vulcans are gone
Without words :(


My smaller M1 platoon drove back to their starting hill and killed along with the M109's some BMP's which sneaked over the hill on the outer left side.
Meanwhile the bigger M1 platoon rushed towards the endangered mission objective on my right flank to support the Mech. platoon their.

In return the T-64's moved through the industrial complex in the middle and killed the M1 who couldn't hide fast enough behind the trees.
The communist infantry attacked my Mech. platoon but were forced back after a bloody hand to hand combat.

Stop them!!
The russians reach for the objective
The objective is still mine


The M109 platoon and the M1's fired at the dismounted russian Infantry near the Aldi and killed some of them. Then the M1's engaged the them and gave them the rest.
At this moment I realized that i made a terrible mistake, i was so focused on the action on the left side that i forgot to move the M1 platoon in the middle towards the Mech. platoon.

The communists saw their chance for victory. The T-64's left the industrial complex and blasted away the small M1 platoon on my left side. The red infantry overran my last two teams of the Mech. platoon and took the objective.

triple bullseye
A hopeless defense


Because of my mistake last round i couldn't reach the russian infantry so i decided to took revenge for the small M1 platoon. My remaining M1's swift around the trees and destroyed the whole T-64 platoon.

The game ends and that i lost ist was my fault. Thats what we called "to do a scholinger".
I should be more focused

The objective in the claws of the russians
The table at the games end

Another lost game, but a very cool and exciting one.

I hope you enjoyed it :)

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Warsaw Pact
Nikolai Zhukuv