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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Counter-Attack at Hanover

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West German
VS Warsaw Pact
Comrade Oldwolf

Battalion command came down with orders to Attack! I assembled my force and drove for Hanover. Unfortunately, the Reds were prepared.

I raced my Leopard 1 Zug forward to put some rounds into the Soviets, as well as moving my Artillery into position and my 2 Panzergrenadier Zugs. I was able to destroy the anti-aircraft capabilities, one tank, a bailed out scout and one Hind in my first salvo!

The soviets came back with a vengeance, knocking out some of my Leopard 2's with Artillery fire, and taking out one of my Arty guns with a Hind gunship.

My Leopard 1's were still viable after a volley from some T-72's failed to hit, and I pressed the attack. I moved a Zug of infantry into a building, and started pushing fire into the scout units. I was able to get my arty into the fray and was able to knock out another tank. The soviets responded with making my tanks bail out, then my leopard 2 crews took the easy way out and left the field. My second Zug was hit in their transports and forced to bail out. My OP 113 was lost and I also lost one of my empty Marder transports.

My Leopard 1's took direct fire from the soviets artillery, but only bailed out. I also lost another Marder transport to tank fire as the soviets closed on one of their objectives.

I rallied my Leopard 1 crews and returned fire on the arty, knocking out two. I also moved the dismounted infantry into the bushes for cover and returned fire on the scouts. The 2 T-72's moved into position over their objective and I didn't have sufficient firepower to remove them.

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Warsaw Pact
Comrade Oldwolf