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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Bremen Firesack

Sig Nat
VS Warsaw Pact

A 110 aside clash with the British utilising spearhead moves to take both objectives and 3 out of the 4 board quarters before the Russains could deploy. (the Firesack) the inital Soviet turn left a couple of 432's & a rapier burnig. The return fire took out half the BMPs & about half of the tanks. End of turn two the soviets had 4 frogfoots that hadnt turned up yet....

Mission - Breman Counter Attack.
Table was setup by my opponent before I got to the club... Yellow Dice are the two objectives.

I took the South West corner as deployment, the Soviets North West.
Unit of Scorpions deployed in the woods to my East, then spearhead moved out at a terrain dash (no failed cross checks!) to behind the hill. The Scimitars then deployed on this hill and dashed forward to the East most building.
1 Platoon dug in on the East Hill joined by the Inf HQ & the blowpipes
2 Platoon moved into the building near the scimitars with a couple of stands dug in to the East..
2nd Armd Tp Setup in the East woods with 2 of the rapiers
Milan section dug in to the open space between the two woods
Strikers deployed to the front of the central woods joined by their HQ with the other 2 rapiers behind the wood.
The abots deployed against the board edge with 1 platoons & HQs 432s infront. 2 platoons 432s deployed as far forward as they could.

Soviets deployed with the BMPs to the East, all the tanks to the south of their deployment zone with the Hinds in the corner.

start of British Turn 1

Army lists: Brits a 3 Formation list,
Armd Sqn
HQ - 1 x Stillbrew, 1x Non-stillbrew (reserves)
Tp 1 - 1 x still brew, 2 x non-stillbrew
Tp 2 - 2 x non-still brew (reserves)
Tp 3- 3 x Swingfires (Ambush)
Inf Coy
Hq - 1 SLR + 2 SF GPMG
1 Pltn - Max + Milans
2 Pltn - Max + Milans
3 Pltn - 4 x Milan (no 432s)
1/2 Battery of Abotts (4)
Rece Sqn
Hq - 2 x Spartans
1 TP - 4 x scorpians
2 Tp - 4 x scimitars
3 Tp - 4 x Strikers
4 x Rapiers
2 x Blowpipes - Total 110 points

Soviets - from memory....
a 'borrowed' unit of 5 East German T55s
2 x 6 T72s + HQ
2 gopher AA
9 BMP 2s
Medium Infantry (i think)
4 x Hinds
4 x frogfoots

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Sig Nat


  • Baron says:

    Nice battle report overall, but feel free to add some more pictures if possible 🙂

  • Nabeshin says:

    Your allies really are feeding you excellent tips to improve your battle report, follow these and the ratings will improve greatly!

  • Storm Caller says:

    Sig Nat,

    First, can use any of this. I don’t make comments of these nature and then walk away! Not my way! I’ve been helping my group with their write up too

    I cropped your photo and now have five additional shoots for you. Not sure how get to them to you?

    Is this how you were deployed

    To the North on the left flank 1st Mech Platoon, Immediately to their west was 2nd Mech Platoon and the Company HQ protecting a Battery of Abbots. In the woods to the south west were the Swing fire platoon and FOO. Behind the Rapier section was deployed. Between these woods and another to the south 4 Milan team had dug foxhole and laid in waiting. Hidden among the trees to the Southeast in the center of the battle position was a troop of chieftain and a section a rapier. In the Village to the west a troop of Scorpions stayed to the East to keep the village between them and the oncoming Russian forces. The Southern flank was protecting by 3rd Mech platoon and a section mobile Milan’s.
    Battle force from lift to right on photo (You can cut to word document save as PDF then up load)

    Want to take a case how many would that is?

    The Total points 70 to 75?

    1st Platoon Mech (9pts)
    4x GPMG
    3x Carl Gustav
    1x 2” Mortar
    2x Milan
    5x FV432

    2nd Platoon Mech (9pts)
    4x GPMG
    3x Carl Gustav
    1x 2” Mortar
    2x Milan
    5x FV432

    Mechanised Company HQ (1pt)
    1x SLR rifle team
    1x FV423

    Battery (6pts)
    4x Abbots

    Swing fire Platoon (4pts)
    4x Swing fire

    FOO (1pt)
    1x FV423

    Rapier Section/troop (3pts)
    2x Rapier

    Milan section Dismounted (4pts)
    4x Milans
    2x FV423 sent off?
    Marks are for Foxhole and gone to ground?

    Chieftain Troop (18 to 21pt Not sure if Stillbrew)
    3x Chieftains

    Rapier Section/troop (3pt)
    2x Rapier

    Scorpions Troop (4pt)
    4x Scorpions

    3rd Platoon Mech (9pt)
    4x GPMG
    3x Carl Gustav
    1x 2” Mortar
    2x Milan
    5x FV432

    Spartan Moble Milan Section (4) or are this Blowpips (6)?
    4x Spartan Milans

  • Hawk02 says:

    Yes Storm Caller is right, please invest a little more time in your next report and add more photos, this will bring you and our Faction forward ;).
    But thanks for posting and gratulation for winning, well done!
    Regards, Frank.

  • Storm Caller says:


    The report is a bit lacking, review the stands of reporting. Upon resubmit I will re-evaluate. As is this would get one star!

    Storm Caller

    Check out on the how to evaluate a battle report in our briefing room. If you need help just say the word. With just this photo and the words I could possibly turn this into a five or six star rating

  • Pelikanen says:

    What mission did you play?

  • Vladimir Orlovsky says:

    Yes please add more, this battle report has potential.

  • AlohaRover says:

    Seems like you have more to add?
    I will hold of a rating.

    Congrats on your win

  • M. Nisbet says:

    A good win, Sig Nat, it would be good to see more information to improve your report. Splitting up the report by turn, and uploading the forces used in the battle will help your fellow commanders when they take the field.