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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

OPFOR for the Kittentel Covering Force, Alpha Squadron of the Queens Dragoons

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Storm Caller
VS Warsaw Pact
Mikle friesky

Advance on the left then the Center while the right covers! Thats the plan!

The plan was simple;
I would advance the Motor Rifle Company and their BMP-2 on the left to
draw out the British Scorpions.
The three tank companies would be line abreast in the center holding fire until either the swing fire’s or chieftains fired.

I would use the recon BMP-2’s to attack the center scorpion’s and if need strike to the right and engage the third Scorpion troop.

The planned worked out quite well!

The Motor Rifle Company saw able to advance across the stream and take the woods from the British in good shape
The Motor Rifle Company BMP-2 advanced across the steam at the ford and supports the clearing of the woods. The BMP-2 were engaged and destroyed by a combined force of British Infantry in the buildings and Chieftains.

In the center, the tanks were engaged by the swing fire troop but all missed and in return were either destroyed or route by the fire of the tank companies.

The tank then engaged the chieftains which were all destroyed within sections of each other!
The BMP-2 engaged the scorpion has they retreated, destroying most of the center troop.

The infantry would advance and take the crossroad buildings once the tank came up in support to blast the British infantry.
Sorry for the quick report but time is calling!

Yes that Mike on the British Side!
Left flank advance and engages Scorpion
Center waits to see enemy firer
Right flank BMP recon advance and engages Scorpion
Enemy left flank scorpion’s hold position
Enemy right flank returns fire!
Swing fire show themselves
Left Flank Scorpians move out and fire!
Russian return fire!
Advance, Advance!
British Revenge
By these people!
The Russian tank advance forward!
The forest is our's!

The planned worked!

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