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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Salzwedel to Brandenburg ( Armchair Adventurer game #6 hasty attack)

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Storm Caller
VS Warsaw Pact
Mikle friesky

The Union Battle Group!

Before the Charge

The country side of East Germany reminds Major Reilly of the country in England and Ireland, Rolling hills with a farm here and there and fields of crops after crops.

The Scout troops presently assigned to his Left “Squadron” Union Battle Group had departed an one before first light, His force had departed at first night, the remain battle groups force departed an hour after this.

Major Reilly was thinking about how “Union” battle group had been formed. Two days before the decision had been made to reform the Scots Grays and Irish Battle groups into one along with Bravo squadron of the Welch cavalry due to the fact that between then there was a little more than four companies or squadrons between them.

A Staff office had come up with “union” based on the Union Brigade at the battle of Waterloo. The Brigade had all three part of the United Kingdom. The English regiment (The Queens dragoons or Welch cavalry), one Scots Regiment (The Scots Grays) and one Irish (The Irish Guards). The fact that the Irish Guards weren’t even a regiment at this time, seemed to be forgotten!

The Union Battle Group would have three “Squadron” The Right and center are each built around an armour HQ, 2 two troops of Chieftains, one Platoon of infantry, one Anti-Tank platoon and one scout platoon. The left squadron is built around a Mechanized Infantry HQ, two infantry platoons, one Chieftain (Stillwell) troop, one scout troop with Scimitars, an anti-tank platoon with mobile Milan’s and a Mortar platoon of 4 tubes. The lead squadron would get an additional scout troop from the welsh cavalry, two half batteries of artillery, one of the abbots and the other of M109s, and a section of rapiers, who primary purpose was to protect the artillery.

Uniform Lima Charlie (Reilly’s call sign) this is Lima Serra (Irish Scouts), Raven has made contact and reports hostiles heading our way approximately one hour away. Has location for us to defend, have scouted and concur.

Battle field looking North
Location is natural chock point with ridge on North West, High crops and woods in middle and hill to East. I will have guides to lead troops into position on arrival.

Salute to follow
Serra (Size) Armour Battalion with BMP Company
Alpha (Activity) Advancing west in column with BMPS and AA first, tanks following
Lima (Location) ten Kilometers North of Tears five five
Uniform (what there are) East German regulars
Tango (Time) now 1015
Echo (Equipment) 7 to 10 T-72, same T-55 times two, same BRAVO MIKE PAPAs and 2 to 6 Zoo’s and Gophers

Lima Serra this is Uniform Lima Charlie, Understand all. Will arrive in order Lima one (1st Platoon Irish), Bravo foxtrot (foo) Lima indigo (Milan’s), Lima Nine (9th Platoon) in company of Lima Bravo. Other will arrive at party late.

Lima Serra this is Uniform Lima Charlie Who or what is Raven?

Uniform Lima Charlie this is Lima Serra, Will explain Raven in person break Recommend deploying Lima Indigo and Bravo foxtrot to North West ridge, Lima one to fields at road opening, Lima Serra and Quebec Serra (Welsh Cavalry) cover center crops and woods. Lima Nine to recon and secure hill to east.

Lima Serra this is Uniform Lima Charlie, understand all and concur out.

Major Reilly knew had nothing to worry about not having seen the chosen ground, Captain Shaw, the scout troop Command was the former 2IC of 1st Company Irish Guards.
When the 1st Company command structure was broken up He requested to be posted with a platoon that needed a leader, a day late the scout lieutenant was killed and the former 2IC become the Scout troop commander with a Welch cavalry vehicle and crew!
This was happening all across the Union Battle Group; Major Reilly’s own 9th Platoon “Irish Guards” had a former Welsh Cavalry Squadron Sergeant Major as it commander! Along with 10 Welsh cavalry troops from the Spartan support troop, four blowpipe operators with no ammo! There was no Blowpipe ammo as of three days ago. The 5th troop was made up of three from troops of right Center squadrons.
Major Reilly only true worry was when the rest of his squadron would arrive?
It could have been worse if the Chieftains had tried to cross the bridge that had been weekend by the local military forces! Thank god they had been stationed in Germany long enough to pick up a little of the language.
Talking to an East German was like talking English with welsh men or scots men at times. The gentlemen lead the chieftain troop command to a ford where he would cross he cattle. The Chieftains and other vehicle crossed with ease, it just delayed them by an hour.

Major Reilly arrived and it was just as captain Shaw had said, all the unit were in place and 9st Platoon was about to move on to the East Hill when two reports came in back to back.

Uniform Lima Charlie this is Bravo foxtrot BMPs and Infantry advance west through fields onto Lima Serra and Quebec Serra position from east, possible infantry on hill to south east, over!

East German BMPs and Infantry advance in open east of Scouts

Uniform Lima Charlie this is Lima Indigo confirm foxtrot and add three vehicles in woods to north east, BMP and two Zoo’s, request permission to engage Zoo’s over

Milan Troop 3rd Company Irish Guards spot Zoo's inthe wood line

Uniform Lima Charlie this is Lima Serra confirm eyes on BMPs and Inantry over request permission to engage over

“Uniform Lima Charlie” this is “Quebec Serra” confirm Lima Serra request permission to engage over

“Uniform Lima elements” this is “Uniform Lima Charlie” on my mark engage four three two one engage, engage

One Zoo exploded another shift north from the explosion! The scimitars of the Irish Guard scout and scorpions Welsh Cavalry destroyed 8 out right and drove of the remaining BMPs.

Malins find a target
Slash of the scimitar and sting of the Scorpion
9th Platoons mounted assualt!
Major Reilly and the 9th Irish Platoon advance onto the hill to find a lone gopher which quickly succumbed to 7.62 rounds from the F432, FO report a gopher heading east off the hill top moments later.
“Uniform Lima Charlie” this is “Lima Indigo” seven T-72 come on from East south forest, “Lima Indigo” engage …………………..
“Uniform Lima Charlie” this is “Bravo foxtrot” Lima Indigo is gone! Pulling back to alternate position!

“Uniform Lima Charlie” this is “Lima one” confirm multiple explosion in Lima Indigo area, seven T-72 advance on my position over

T-72 advancing west long the bottom of the ridge towards 1st Platoon

Over the 9th platoon net Reilly said “Sergeant major take the hill but leave the Milan’s to the rear to set up a cross fire to help 1st, thanks for the invite but I have more pressing matters”

“Lima One” this is “Charlie” engage at your call try to block up the valley if possible out!

Lima one Charlie was counting down for his two Milan team four three and on two multiple T-72 exploded!

Then he heard Bagpipes on his net! Then a voice said the immortal words “It’s a proper party now, the Scot’s have arrived!”
Over his right shoulder were three chieftains’ tanks! The Milan gunners quickly adjusted looking for moving target followed by two more explosions in quick succession. A lone T-72 went to the south and came upon the Irish Scouts in a corner field!

Now it a proper party!
No more needs to be said
The T-72 was fixed on scimitars as it pulled back
and didn’t see the two chieftain’s advancing on him!
He never saw it comimg………The drive called out, the command was just about to pull the trigger when he saw the flash from the chieftain…..it was the last thing he ever saw!

“Uniform Lima Charlie this is Lima nine Charlie, If you’re not too busy the lads and I could use a little help, they clear the woods of all the little and a one big beasty, But there are a few T-55 in the valley below that are firing at them. Could you give us a hand?

“Lima nine Charlie” this is “Bravo Foxtrot” I believe a can help out with the problem. “Smoke them if you got them!” The alpha battery delivered a smoke wall between the 9th platoon and T-55 running the length of the hill from west to east.
“Bravo Foxtrot” this is “Lima nine Charlie” many thanks that well do! With the smoke screen in place the infantry moved to the edge of the woods and found cover.
“Lima nine Charlie” this is “Quebec Serra” do I have a reservations at your location? “Quebec Serra” this is “Lima nine Charlie” were book but I call always find a table or two for you. The Sergeant Major meets his former troopers as they came up the hill and ground guide them to the east of the infantry. The Troop lieutenant made a remark about found a new mount for the Sergeant Major, who replied “No worries” I found one in the woods just have to check if the CO is good with it! The troop laughed, Sergeant Major had taken another tank!
It was then that a M109 followed by the troop sergeant chieftain blew up as four frog foot aircraft roared by from the south has the turn to make a second pass they started to explode in the sky as rapier missile made contact!
Pair of Harrier was making a run from the North East towards the T-55 spotted three trucks with rocket launch come from the north!
The 1st platoons 432 found a good firing position before the Irish Scouts troop
and unload 7.62 rounds on the truck, destroying two of the three trucks, the crew of the third ran away!

The 432 got the attention of the East German infantry who in turn fired at the 432! Two tracks were damage and the other made for cover will returning fire claim at least one squad of East Germans. Not sure who had done it but two of the Irish Scout tracks were destroyed by either Tank fire or RPG’s

With frontal fire from the two remaining chieftains
flank and rear fire of the scorpions and 9th platoon
and another two passes of the Harriers.

The entire East German force of vehicle was burning and or exploding. The East German infantry was surrendering and requesting the first aid. 1st platoon sent 2 squads forward to help set up a casualty collection point.

Major Reilly was reporting back to Higher when an “Officer with no rank” walked in identifying himself as Raven. And that he needs to have this officer escort to the Corps Headquarters immediately via air. Major Reilly looked at him with the expression of “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE” when Sergeant Major told the Stanger “Understood SIR is there a message I need to have sent?” Yes Sergeant Major, send word “Frisky” confirm with “Vodka” Major Reilly looked at Sergeant Major for answers, none came.

Then over radio came from Division HQ confirm “Frisky”. Raven replied roger I confirm “Vodka” move to alternate. Raven switches the radio to a new channel.

Raven this is Iron Fist confirm time over. Iron Fist this is raven “Dinner planned for 1900 tonight over. Iron fist confirm 1900 Local over out

Moment late

FLASH message FLASH message FLASH message All Commands As of 1900 local a cease firer is in place for all units presently in East German province of Brandenburg Maintain high alert I say again As of 1900 local a cease fire is in place for all units presently in East German province of Brandenburg Maintain high alert

Major Reilly found Sergeant Major alone under a tree drinking from a cup, what was in the cup he would never ask!

Sir, Raven been working with us now for about four week I guess now, I don’t know much about him but he saved me more than once or twice I’d guess? He left these for you; I told him you collected military stuff. He looked down at East German Marshall Rank and a beret pin, looking up at the Sergeant Major you’re joking! No he is!

Who Dares Wins!

With that Major Reilly got up and started to walk away, then the Sergeant Major said, Sir get some sleep me and the lads have this, He then saw a T-55 being pulled by a chieftain toward 9th platoon, Sir no worries I have it! Good night Sergeant Major wake me in four hours?

More metal for the collection!
British win 6 to 1

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Storm Caller


  • Fill says:

    Beautiful table! And an excellent report!

  • AlohaRover says:

    Congrats on the game. You should be running low on petrol and ammo, hopefully the tide will turn in our favor 🙂

  • Nabeshin says:

    Echoing M.Nisbet on the titles, other than that, always good to read yours, Storm!

  • Storm Caller says:


    I thought you were going downtown today? I tried some new ideas with this one, mixed feelings. The next one will be better…..just have to play the game! It will be our last in store game…..British force taking Dresden! I’m letting Mike pick both the scenario and set up the table. After this game, he now believes the British can be an offensive force! just don’t play like the Americans or germans.

    I told him about the old NATO saying

    Germans play “Football” and plan their battle with this in mind – Give and take until the opponent makes mistake! It about constant movement back and further

    Amercian also play “Football” its just American style and plan their battle with this in mind – have set plays that they will run, one at a time! Its forward movement

    It’s the British that messes it all up because they play rugby! The game is about holding the center and simply out running them on the flanks! Steach them till the hole appears then go for it!

    Poor WARSAW PAC….they have to figure out three ways to play, We just have to figure one! avoid the hammer swing!



  • M. Nisbet says:

    A good battle report Storm. The only issue I had was the huge titles be8ng d8fficult to read through. Aside from that, excellent as usual… though I can’t use my piper now. I was looking forward to him being something special…

  • The Armchair Adventurer says:

    The last five battles begin to day the in-store campaign

  • Storm Caller says:


    I’ll fix when I get the other reports done. My new grammar problem is help in a way I did see! lol

  • Michael Mosgaard says:

    Very impressive table layout, little cornstalks in the fields!
    Just one note: Its a tad difficult to read some of the text where the spoken words are not in citation marks, it makes it confusing because its hard to tell when one person starts or stops speaking.
    Brownie points for bagpipes being played across a radio net though 😛

  • K says:

    Another for the empire!

  • bayankhan says:

    Beautiful camera work

  • F says:

    Good report, Didn’t like out come!

  • Big K says:

    two hands!

  • K. Meyer says:

    Congrats on the win and as always, great report!

  • M. Nisbet says:

    Excellent report, as usual Storm. We will hold here, the WarPac are too distracted by other things.

  • Red Alert says:


    Pity our campaign hasn’t brought us to Antwerp.

    Imagine the fun you could have at Waterloo !

    Fun battlerport, earned you a commendation from the enemy and a 8/10


  • HMS_Belfast says:

    Good choice on terrain – no risk of destroyed private property (and everyone knows how important it is for us 😀 )!

  • Vladimir Orlovsky says:

    Congrats on the win. Very nice report!

  • Anton Nikolayevich Sokolov says:

    Great report as always. Brits are my NATO army of choice, so the win stings less.

  • fingolfen says:

    Nice report – only thing I don’t like about it is the outcome! 😀

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Awesome BatRep! Love all the photos.