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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Race for the Hotdog

VS Warsaw Pact
Adam Thomas & Andy Walpole
The Battlefield

British 3rd Armoured Iron Division
From Iron Maiden, Commanded by Tony and Ian Jones ‘the Dice’
Points - 67
Chieftain Armoured Squadron HQ (1x Chieftain) 6
Chieftain Armoured Troop (3x Chieftain) 18
- Stillbrew 3x Upgrade Chieftain with Stillbrew 3
Chieftain Armoured Troop (3x Chieftain) 18
Swingfire Guided Weapons Troop (3x Swingfire) 6
Scorpion Recce Troop (4x Scorpion) 4

Spartan Blowpipe SAM Section (4x Spartan Blowpipe) 6
TOW Lynx Helarm Flight (2x TOW Lynx) 6

Soviet ‘Yuri’s Wolves’ Tank Division
From Red Thunder, Commanded by Adam and Andy
Points - 67
T-64 Tank Battalion HQ (1x T-64) 6
T-64 Tank Company (5x T-64) 25
T-64 Tank Company (4x T-64) 19

MI-24 Hind Assault Helicopter Company ( 2x MI-24 Hind) 5
T-72 Tank Company (3x T-72) 12

British Turn 1…
Well Jones the Dice lived up to his reputation… fluffed them all…

Soviet Turn 1…
Adam decided to pick on the stillbrew tanks with those flying tanks

Andy moved up his force of 10 T-64s towards those 3 Chieftains and 3 Swingfires hiding in the woods… nothing to loose sitting still…

Result is 1 dead chieftain from those hinds and Andy throwing 10 dice with all those T-64s but got 2 hits which both were saved by Jones the Dice…
British Turn 2
No Movements except to bring our Lynx on to the board and to hide in the town ready for next turn…

So a good round of shooting form that wood of death… 3 dead T-64s and 1 bailed out… but the unit passed its moral and hung around… on the other side of the board, the chieftain stillbrews shot at the T-72s and got 2 bailed out but they also hung around.

Soviet Turn 2
The bailed out T-64 remounted as did one of the 2 T-72s.
The T-64s moved closer to the wood… and the Hinds went over to play with the Lynx… aempted to advance the T-72s but 2 of them got bogged down… leaving 1 alone at front..
Between Andy and Adam they killed 2 chieftains but they also passed their morale check and the last remaining one hung around. With the T-72s doing nothing.

Turn 3
A few movements but this turn was totally useless with a load of missed shots nothing major to report apart from killing the lead T-72 which resulted in a failed morale check and the final T-72 running away… We did lose the 2nd lynx to AA fire…and then we also shot down the final Hind as it attempted to shoot the scorpions.

British Turn 4
We started to move the smaller units around to defend the objectives… and we moved the Stillbrews over at dash speed towards the town… nothing really to report apart from bailing out 1 T-64.

Soviet Turn 4
The 2 remaining T-64s from the front platoon ran into the town for cover and the other unit of T-64s continued their advance around the wood with the bailed out T-64 failing its remount roll.

British Turn 5…
With the Soviets having gone past the wood we needed to start moving the Swingfires… so we left one behind with an easy shot on the T-64s and moved 2 down to cover a gap in the town. Chieftain in the wood failed its crosscheck so no shooting…

Soviet Turn 5
The Tanks in the town advanced and the other unit of T-64s stayed still for the first time in the game.

Yes the T-64 failed to shoot the Scorpion… shame. And the other tanks also didn’t succeed in killing anything apart form 1 blowpipe (aka a MCT standing in for blowpipes) so a bad round for the soviets.

British Turn 6
The stillbrew chieftains having trekked across the board they positioned themselves at the bottom of the town ready to pop out and attack the tanks in the town next turn. This time the chieftain popped out of the other side of the wood.

Oops the combined firepower of 2 chieftains (included the company commander himself) killed 3 of the remaining T-64s leaving Yuri all alone… but he did past his morale check.

Soviet Turn 6…
The tanks in the town headed down to counter the stillbrews and Yuri also headed for the top of the town all alone. The tanks at the bottom of the town killed one which the stillbrews which resulted in a failed morale check and the last stillbrew left the battlefield.

British Turn 7…
Main aim here was some good blitz rolls. The lone chieftain had taken up position in the centre of the town, the company commander was chasing Yuri into the town. The Swingfires took out 1 of the last 2 T-64s and yet another failed morale check, bye bye T-64s… Only Yuri left now…

Soviet Turn 7…
Yuri Turned around to go face Charlie… but alas a fluffed roll…

British Turn 8…
A few movements but nothing special apart from Charlie taking a return shot at Yuri and bailing him out...

Soviet Turn 8…

Yuri got back in his tank and killed Charlie…

British Turn 9…
Nothing to do here… 1 shot at rear of Yuri by a swingfire… Game over.

Minor victory (4:3) to the Brits, who succeeded in repelling the Soviet advance on Frankfurt.

The British Line of Defence
The Soviet Advance
Soviet Turn 1 - Look out stillbrews...
Soviet Turn 1 advance towards the wood of death...
British Turn 2... Some Dead Soviet Tanks
Clash of the Tank Commanders... Yuri and Charlie... Yuri wins the fight but looses the battle.

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