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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

On deadly or dying ground, fight.

Warsaw Pact
VS United States
Thad Yonke

American forces are set to make certain that WarPac forces pay for every inch of Central Europe. The NVA panzer battalion is set to try and run the guns of this gauntlet.

Running the gauntlet

An initial deployment led the Americans into an aggressive position with their ITV's working to destroy the AA capabilities of the East German battalion by destroying a Gecko and bailing another. The lead Abrams platoon opened fire of the NVA scouts, killing three of the BMP's, breaking the platoon. The American Cobras further weakened the leading T-72 company by leaving two T-72's burning.

Breaking through?

The NVA battalion , despite the losses, continued forward. The T-72's, however, can't seem to find the range, but the attached Infantry BMP's manage to kill one M-1' and the Hinds devastate another platoon of M-1's.

Face the fury!

Incesnsed by the loss of an M-1 platoon so early in the engagement, the company commander exhorts the remaining tankers to a greater level of success, with the M-1 crews destroying three T-72 and bailing another. The Cobras and ITV's manage to finish the job, breaking the T-72 company.

Fight to escape!

The NVA battalion, initially hoping for fast and bloody breakout, are now trying to recover without heavily losses. The lead T-72 company bailed out the M-1 platoon, but that was the sum of their success. The attached flight of Hinds were broken by the AA of the VADS and attached .50 caliber MG fire. A recently arrived unit of 2S1 artiller attempted to cover the withdrawal, but failed to have any effect.

I think they've shot their bolt sir!

Two units of Abrams and the company commander manage to break the battalion by breaking all of the remaining T-72's to bits, and the morale of the NVA battalion, while not in great shape, failed and broke a few minutes later.

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United States
Thad Yonke