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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Counterpunching Americans

Warsaw Pact
VS United States
Thad Yonke

I get knocked down....

As the Americans were swinging back around to counterstrike, the NVA T-72 battalion advanced to try and cut the stroke short before their firepower could be brought to bear. In light of absent American close air support, the ZSU unit advanced to lay down a suppressing fire on a dismounted mechanized infantry platoon. The T-72 company advanced on the roadway, advancing by fire on the American ITV's. To the outer edges of the town, BMP scouts led the way for the other T-72 company. The Hinds advanced to fire on the ITV's, trading one helicopter for no hits on the ITV's.

But I get up again...

The Americans easily recovered from a generally ineffective barrage from the NVA battalion. The M-1 platoons arrived to open up on the T-72's, killing 2 tanks and bailing 2 others. The Paladin artillery battery opened up, but had limited effect on the advancing armor. The dug-in mechanized infantry opened fire on the ZSU's, bailing one ZSU and caught a T-72 in a lucky shot, bailing it as well.

And everybody gets me down...

Close air support in the form of two flights of SU-25's arrive and blast the VADS units into flinders. Despite this success, the Hinds still lose one helicopter to AA fire when they fire on the M-1 platoon. They do destroy one M-1 in exchange this time. Meanwhile, the ZSU's and the 2S1 artillery pin the mechanized infantry platoon, killing one stand.

I get knocked down....

More Abrams arrive to support the American defense. The Paladins break out bomblets to shell a T-72 company, destroying 2 of them. One of the M-1 platoons opens fire on the T-72's, but their armor sees them through the volley. The ITV's, however, have better luck, destroying 2 more T-72's. The FIST, seeing the advancing BMP scouts, open fire to no effect with his .50 cal. The Dragon teams open fire on the ZSU's, killing one, bailing another, and with the .50 cals from the M113's, bail another ZSU, breaking the unit. The newly-arrived M-1 element opens fire on the supporting T-55 company, killing one, bailing another.

But I get up again...

The larger T-72 company opens fire on the small M-1 platoon, bailing one tank, and causing the other to break and run. The scouts blitz forward towards the Paladins and kill one with their smoothbore 73mm guns. The T-55's open fire on the ITV's to no effect. The other T-72 company, still fighting hard, bails an M-1, while the remaining Hinds are shot down as they are engaging the M-1's.

And Everybody gets me down...

Snapping back, the Americans shatter one of the T-72 company with a volley from the company commander and the M-1 platoon, killing 4 T-72's. The FIST, seemingly ignored by the BMP scouts, opens fire and bails two of them.

One last drink before i go

While the battalion is reeling, the Frogfoots return and shatter the larger M-1 platoon, killing three in a volley of Kh-25 missiles. The T-72's try to drive forward to the objective, but fail to reach it.

And that will do quite nicely....

The remaining M-1's break the last of the T-72's, securing victory for the American Armored Combat Team.

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United States
Thad Yonke