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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Oberosterreich to Prague (ArmChair#9 Mission Bridgehead)

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
B. Meyer

3rd Armor enters into Czech Republic!

As the lead elements of the 3rd Armor crossed into the Czech Republic they meet little to no resistance. except for two border guards who request them documents........the working end of a 105mm cannon worked for them!

They came to a little town just as it was getting dark and found the place to sleep and hold up until morning, it was around four in the morning when the force was put on alert. Intel had shown the Czech moving out of their garrison and toward the lead elements of the 3rd Armor!

I guess no one told the Czech that the Americans owned the Night!

Battle field looking from North West to South East
Battlefield looking West
Mech Platoon in buildings support by M109 battery
FO covering west and east
XO deals with a problem
with a little help from some friends
There goes the FO, M113 advance to town square
Infantry clear the woods
Its a Party now!

This was a very slow game! The night conduction gave the Czech (East German) force a night mare! The use of shooting then scooting behind cover allowed for my M-1 to get two firings before the Czech could return fire was a major factor.

The Czech infantry did make it to the woods, but without support were wiped out in time.

As a result of this battle, the city of Prague was declared an open city and the Czech Republic requested a cease-fire until diplomats work on the peace negotiations.

3rd Armor is presently in Garrison (formerly Russian) and Prague

I have more pictures but these are the highlights


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