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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Munich to Stuttgart (Armchair#10 Mission Bridge head)

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Mikle friesky

Now I know how the Russian gunners felt at the charge of the Light Brigade!

The Battlefield looking South

The XO had seen wheeled recon vehicles all night but never could get a good shoot.

The Company Commander had decided that a hunting mission need to go out and move the pain in his ass!

With that and still dark the Company Commander took 1st Platoon down the left side off the auto bahn while at the same time the XO took an ITV section up the right side opening to get a shot when the Co and 1st flashed them out........15 Kilometer and still no Recon found, then the ITVs reported a very large Armor formation heading right at them!

Some much for an advance recon unit!
Fish in a barrel!

The new plan, ambush and run like hell back to Company defenses position! XO get the artillery battery on call!

All delta units, fire on my command, four three two one fire!

New definition for fire line!
Missed him by this much! Fire reps the times fired at before he ran!
The mine field worked out nicley!
Storms fire at M-1 and miss!
XO tank "I ve got the Storms!
Yes you fired at a bulled out tank and missed! The tank behind the woods and came up on your right didN't

One of the US sergeants took a few boxes of sneakers, some other food items and a bottle of whiskey and gave it to the Russian Commander!

The XO gave him a look of WTF,

The NCO said “Sir, it’s a lot better than we get with our MRE’s, no prisoner deserve such harsh treatments as MRE’s, that would fall under cruel and unusual punishment”

the XO just laughed knowing that the sergeant had gotten a few for the troops also!

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United States