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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Copenhagen Bridgehead

Warsaw Pact
Vladimir Orlovsky
VS West German
Clara Mendonca

Operation: Gustov
West German (Danish) vs Warsaw Pact 100pts

“The roar of cargo planes drowned out the thoughts from one’s head. White canopies opened and now illuminated perfectly by the setting of the sun. I saw the torn body of a fellow Ildstøttegruppe, I think that’s when it hit me; we’ve been invaded and nothing will ever be the same.” - Overkonstabel Hjalte Kjeldson - presumably KIA during the Battle of Copenhagen.

(Soviet perspective)

Turn 1 NATO: A spearhead formed by Leopard 1s holds for the Leopard 2 to get into position along the flanks. A pair of POH helos take positions on the right flank above tree tops trying to take some lucky shots to thin the Soviet BMP-2 herd without success. Spotters get into position to mark targets for the SKH M/109Gs (M109s). Luchs take to the protection of the Leopard 2s on the right flank.
Turn 1 Warsaw: A roll of a five allows for SA-8 Geckos to arrive and a roll of a three means they come in right next to the BM-21s

“Let us teach those NATO dogs how to fight!” shouted Cpt. Yaltsev “First and second platoon take positions in the houses, Third Platoon dig in around the BMP-2s. I want a full field of fire for the PKMs!”

Anna (Alpha) Company infantry took positions in the north western (top left) part of the city and BMP-2s covered the Front with angles on the right flank. BMP-2s have a narrow shot on a Leopard 1 in the north, two of the four Spandrels on the BMP-2s connect resulting in first blood by the Soviets.

Boris (Bravo) Company infantry remain with the BMP-2s. Boris Company forms a second line of defense around objectives.

Kolia (BM-21) Section fires a smoke bombardment on the right flank to block sights of the Leopard 2s to BMP-2s with the visual assistance from a BMP-1 OP.

Turn 2 NATO: The northern Leos seek refuge in the brush on the outskirts, failing to mobilize the intended spearhead. The squad of three Jaguars in the north fire at the BMP-2s, 1 missile hits but only clips the sights on the BMP-2’s turret and slams into a building, the BMP-2 crew gets wet feet and bails out.

The Leopard 2s on the right flank followed by three Marders push south along the outskirts and open fire on the BMP-2s, four BMP-2s abruptly burst into flames and metal fragments.

The Marders on the left flank move cautiously towards the infantry using a café as a shield from the BMP-2s missiles.

POH helos move around to the left flank get a better shot at the first group of BMP-2s. The Gecko scrambles for a lock on the helos, with a solid lock the area is flooded with smoke and trails to the helos find themselves their target. The first POH jinks left to avoid the first missile however in the bank fails to see the other and the helicopter bursts into a fireball and the wreckage plummets to the group. The second POH takes evasive maneuvers to avoid the fate of his brethren but to no avail the first missile finds its target and proceeds to separate the tail from the helicopter. The torque from the main rotor spins the helo at an alarming rate; the pilot is unable to recover and is at the mercy of the forces at work. The helo finds itself into a forest.
Cpt. Yaltsev sees the second smoke cloud, “Our AA seems to swatting the flies from the sky! Oorah!”

The M109s receive are unable to get useable coordinates from the M113 OP as communication is choppy. (Triple ones for ranging rolls).

Turn 2 Warsaw: The T-72s that landed on the beaches have now arrived, supported by Mi-24s.
Three Shturms reveal their positions from an ambush on the sides of the Leopard 2 formation on the right flank. Three missiles kick up smoke and fly to their targets; two explosions engulf two of the Leopard 2s. “Oopah! Direct hit Yafgani!” the driver shouted.

Anna Company opens up with the remaining BMP-2s, five missiles flutter across the battlefield and slam into two Marders. One Marder becomes a fiery wreck, the second has only a fraction of soldiers emerging from the wreckage and some running around trailing flames from their uniforms.

“Ready the RPG, steady, steady…”Cpt. Yaltsev said, then shouted! “ NOW! Fire on the rear IFV!” Crisscrossing rocket trails slammed into the approaching Marders, with Danish infantry pouring out seeking refuge behind the wrecks. Three Marders burned with the other three out of effective firing range.

Boris Company’s BMP-2s rev their engines and start to move to finish the right flank.

The BM-21 Hail ceased fire to allow for main forces to engage.

Turn 3 NATO: Morale check for left flank Marders they hold firm. Leopard 2s with Commander advance knocking out two of the three Shturms with some great gunnery work.

Both Leopard 1 platoons move down the middle and start knocking down targets in the center. Five more BMP-2s burst into flames.

The Jaguars in the forest effectively finish off the last of the BMP-2s in Anna Company. The entrance to the city is littered with fire and smoke.

The left flanking Marders disembark their infantry and press forward towards the soviet infested buildings. The lead Marder group infantry form up with the second group banking on a swift victory in CQC fight with Ivan. Only managing to kill three bases, they launch an attack which is repelled even by the pinned down Soviets.

The M113 OP has radios operational and give coordinates to shell buildings on the left side of town to thin the Soviet infantry resulting in pinned down soviets and three squads confirmed KIA.

The Luchs break off from the Leopard 2s and head into town to flank the infantry.

Turn 3 Warsaw: The Sun still offers the Soviets an advantage. Spandrels are called to the front. The Shturms hold steady.

“Sokol-1 to Zvezda, Seek and Destroy mission, target those NATO SPGs!” Col. Orlovsky commanded.
“Zvezda here, Copy. Da Colonel, switching priority targets to enemy SPGs. Out.”

Anna Company rallied under Yaltsevs’ inspiring presence, counter attacking the Danish infantry.

Boris Company held firm at the objective points. Boris Mechanized Company let loose on the remaining Leopards 2 and the Danish Commander. “Ivan target that Leopard!” – “Tak tochno! (Yes, sir!)”. The five missiles flew at the Leos, with a mistaken target three went to the Leopard 2 and two flew at the Leopard 1. The Leopard 1’s ammo rack was hit and detonated extraordinarily, the turret flew several meters into the air followed by a thunderous crack. “Not that one, the other one!...Good hit though.” The Leopard 2 bailed out.

The BMP-1 OP had sights on the Roland AA and called in a smoke barrage successfully.

The Mi-24s dodged the incoming missiles, with one missile clipping the ordinance wing on the second chopper triggering a chain reaction which caused the 57mm rockets to explode with the rest of the helo. In a rage Zvezda went all or nothing and opened up with the chin gatling, the M109s stood no chance. Holes rippled through the paper armor bailing out one and wrecking two others. (quite impressive firepower checks)

The T-72s rolled through the decimated right flank passing wrecks or Marders and Leopards targeting the Leopard 1s rolling down the center. Three Leopards go up in flames while the other press forward.

“We have always defeated the enemy and we will go on doing so! If we are destined to die then we will go down with honor! It’s do or die now! Bayonets ahead – Forward march! Oorah!!” shouted Yaltsev soon drowned out by several dozen war cries.

Opening fire on the Danish soldiers resulting in a successful pin and dwindling the numbers of the Danes to a handful of attackers, the Soviets push for a counter attack. Swarming the Danes with bodies, Yaltsev’s company tramples over the NATO infantry causing them to break off and become captured.

The Spandrels attempt to get into position to finish off the Leopard spearhead but lack the speed in the mud.

Turn 4 NATO: Night finally arrived however not in time for the West Germans to take full advantage of it. Suffering the loss of the Major in the Leopard 1, The Panzergruppe was faltering in morale check causing one of the three Leopard 1 companies to withdraw. In addition the Marder Panzergrenadier HQ with two Companies were either captured or killed. NATO forces were now in complete disarray.

My opponent concedes due to overwhelming firepower of the Copenhagen Occupation forces. (also due to some serious fluke of the dice rolling)

“Sokol-1 to Battalion, we have won the day and NATO falls back to lick their wounds. Well done comrades, this has been a great victory for our Motherland.” – Col. Vladimir Orlovsky.

It was a bloody fight, but I believe my opponent spread their force too thin and attacked with too much haste.

One BMP-2 Company was wiped out, and the rest of my forces were picked at. Having over 9 units, My BMP-2 Company counts as a freebie which I didn't realize until long after the battle. A Stunning Victory for the Soviets!

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Warsaw Pact
Vladimir Orlovsky