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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Night Clash on the Copenhagen Outskirts

Warsaw Pact
Vladimir Orlovsky
VS West German
Clara Mendonca

Operation: Gustov

Mission: Perimeter Defense


West German (Dutch) vs Warsaw Pact


This is a continued scenario of the Copenhagen Bridgehead, however night has fallen (using Dawn rules now). NATO has fallen back and prepared a sizeable mechanized company to use infiltration tactics to deny the Soviets armored formations volley fire tactics and AT-5 missiles.

“I tried to hide my shaking hands from my men. I was scared, we all were but we all knew that we were fighting for our country, our homes…” - Premierløjtnant Erland Eriksen medevaced to nearest CSH.

Turn 1 NATO

Panzergrendier Company Julius uses the cover of night to dash along the Soviet’s left flank.

In turn Panzergrendier Company Charlotte using M113s dashes to the Soviets right flank. Both HQs attached to their respective companies.

The M113 Panzermorser without the help of a forward observer they take positions right down the center hoping that the pincer movement exposes the Soviet positions to them.

Turn 1 Soviets

A half sleep sentry doses in and out hearing the squeal of tank treads. Realizing that the battalion was told strict orders to keep silent he shouts in the radio. “Incoming attack! Wake up! Wake up! Enemy tanks!”

Spandrels setup for a trap.

Gregori Company is deployed in the surrounding buildings covering Objective Alpha, BTR-60s push behind a small forested area to meet the Marder group.

Dmitri Company secures Objective Bravo and BTR-60s stay within the city ready to meet the M113s.

Turn 2 NATO

Danish infantry disembark from their Marders and head to the outlaying forest gathering their numbers before making their move into the city. The group of Marders charges at the BTR-60s finding them in the dark and open up with their cannons. The BTR-60s armor does little good as two BTRs ignite and crews flee from another two. (Two destroyed, two bails)

M113s push their luck and dash just outside of optimal engagement range (18” from BTRs).

Turn 2 Soviets

Two recon groups answer the call. BMP-2s take up the left flank and BTRD-2s taking the right.

The crews from Gregori company pass bail checks and the BTRs although frightened re-man their positions and press the attack. Managing to take the flanks of a majority of the Marders, they focus on one group and annihilate it to the last man. (Marders only, infantry are in the woods still).

Gregori infantry try to line up shots with the Spigots firing a volley of missiles connecting with several of the Marders. The crew celebrates with a few exchanges of compliments whilst seeing two flaming wrecks in the distance.

Dmitri Company’s BTR-60s grow impatient and decide to make the first move firing a hailstorm of lead knocking out three M113s and the passengers show little sign of life except for two squads.

HQ unit Sokol-1 takes up positions between both objectives.

Turn 3 NATO

The Mortars spot the origin of the missiles and range in on the spot (barely – third attempt). The crews pour shells down the tubes with the spotter watching distant explosions hoping to soften up the enemy positions. (Greogri infantry now pinned and suffering four loses.)

Panzergrenadier Charlotte caught off guard by the clear disregard for life the Soviets presented themselves with return their gesture. Infantry teams disembark and all teams open fire. Four BTRs burst into flames still rolling forward due to the vehicles momentum eventually coming to a halt.
Another two are hit with Panzerfausts, and one being bailed by none other than Premierløjtnant Erland Eriksen with his G3.

Panzergrenadier Julius Marders fall back enough to cover themselves for the cross fire of the AT-4s and preventative measure of being flanked by the BTRs. One Marder flees, leaving the other three to fend for themselves. Pushing it in full reverse and firing the main gun, the Danish knock out another four BTRs.

The infantry of Julius Company sally forth on the outskirts of the forest and take pot-shots at the Spigot teams resulting in the Soviets falling in love with the floor boards. (No casualties, only tears).

Turn 3 Soviets

Night still makes its presence known.

Dmitri Company makes all bail and moral saves. They push past the M113 formation and turn around to finish off another M113 group successfully as the crews pour out of their vehicles (bails).

Gregory Company decides to not push their luck any further and retreats to the town at full speed.

“This is Glaza-three; we are engaging the enemy IFVs. Over.”
“Copy Glaza-three, keep your distance and wipe those IFVs. Out.”

The four BMP-2s fire a volley of Spandrels at the Marders causing one to erupt into flames and causing another to bail out.

Spandrels appear from their carful positions and open fire on the M113 mortars. One missile hits the ammunition and leaves nothing left of one mortar team. The other fails to arm and ricochets of the hull with a distant but audible swear.

Gregori Company rallies and begins to pour fire from their PKMs and AGS-17s onto the hiding Danish killing two squads and pinning a platoon.

The BTRD-2s push north to try and catch some of the Danish infantry out in the open and let loose, pinning a platoon.

The infantry of Dmitri Company begin to advance on the pinned down troops of NATO, firing their heavy weapons but without luck.

Turn 4 NATO

Dawn has not broken.

Moral checks are being passed and NATO gets ready for round two. Ding, ding.

Charlotte Company pulls back to take cover behind wreckage, keeping the advancing Red Horde from bearing down on them. Firing everything it has trying to take out the BTRs for a slap in the face in the victory point phase. Failing, by three kills, five BTRs become tombs for the crews.

The Marders from Julius pull around the forest to take on the infantry in the buildings, killing one squad and pinning. Infantry mount the attack with a charge firing everything they have killing a squad in the open.

The Mortars are caught with their pants down and try to fire back on the Spandrels getting another third attempt range-in but the Spandrels make their armor checks even after a spectacular hit result.
Julius Company goes for the charge but is cut down in the process, casualties mount and become pinned.

Turn 4 Soviets

Dawn breaks and the carnage loses its hellish feel only to reveal a blood bath of metal and meat.

The Soviet BTRs of Dmitri decide they’ve had enough and their comrades are on their own, they flee.
The infantry company of Dmitri does not falter from the sight of their comrades’ retreat; they sally forth to meet the NATO troops. The BTRDs stop just before they are insights of the M113 and pour lead onto the Danish infantry hoping to stall them for the Soviet infantry to get into range.

The Spandrels open up with another volley and destroy a second Mortar piece. The second Spandrel wonders if they loaded up the training rounds because they aren’t detonating.

Gregori Company counter attacks the Danish forces, resulting in disaster for both sides. The initial shooting phase went well, pinned with two more infantry dead. However, the charges lead to four infantry teams killed and a repulsed assault. I forgot the Marders could join in.

I forgot about the BTRs in Gregori that turn.

Turn 5 NATO

The mortars retreated, one squad in Julius reached for the sky, and Charlotte Company was still playing in the dirt.

Charlotte Company M113s tried to shoot the BTRDs but it just made them get closer to the RPGs.
The Marders took the time to attack the Gregori Company infantry and killed a stand. Julius sat in the forest and shot more infantry for an additional kill.

Turn 5 Soviets

Gregori Company lost more men than I wanted but they were fine.

The Spandrels fired at the M113s for two kills.

Gregori infantry hide back into the buildings as NATO didn’t have the strength to make a successful attack. BTRs hide in the rear.

BTRDs killed two NATO rifle squads.

Dmitri Company finally made it to the fight and mopped up most of the infantry in a well place shooting phase. The rest of Charlotte company was overwhelmed by the amount of boots that just traveled over it and surrendered.

Turn 6 NATO

Formation checks. Julius passed, don’t know how and the Marders stayed. Charlotte Company is being held captive.

The Marders and the rifle teams are still shooting at the infantry in the building, nothing good came of this.

Turn 6 Soviets

The soviets fire AGS-17s into the Danish troops pinning them down again but for no kills.

Major Victory by the Soviets

"Today was an easy victory, who knows about tomorrow." - Col. Vladimir Orlovsky

Special thanks to my girlfriend trying to lay the hurt on my Soviets, which she is improving at. I’m not looking forward to the 150 pts game for the full on offensive of Copenhagen Bridgehead I have planned for tomorrow.

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Warsaw Pact
Vladimir Orlovsky


  • AlohaRover says:

    Nice write up

  • Michael Mosgaard says:

    Agree witg the other comments, a few pictures would help the report immensely, otherwise good job on a hard fought battle.
    Also very interesting to see a pure infantry VS infantry fight without MBTs.

  • Vladimir Orlovsky says:

    I type everything out in Word and I bold the Turns but it just turns back into normal squished text. I’ll try and figure it out.

  • Nabeshin says:

    Agree with the others, even if you’re proxying a few models, a picture of a table really sets the scene.

    Also, if you type in “Turn 4” etc as a title instead of basic text, it will help the report flow better. Otherwise, good job! 🙂

  • Vladimir Orlovsky says:

    Unfortunately brinbeing broke college student I am I had to proxy which wouldn’t look so great. I’ll try and get a good armored battle going.

  • Proniakin says:

    Bloodbath of metal and meat. You, sir, are a natural writer!

  • Comrade Crapinsky says:

    Nice report, but a few photos would be great!

  • netbuster21 says:

    Nice report with fluff- i like it!

  • Baron says:

    Good story and congratulations to your victory!!