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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

The Defence of Passau

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West German
VS Warsaw Pact

So that is it, my first game of Team Yankee. I did not make any pictures but my Opponent has plenty linked to his his AAR and I would recommend reading his write up anyhow. To make up for the absence of visual support to my report I decided to speak a little about my thoughts when building my Force for this battle and how it played on the Table Top.

As we set our game at 40 Pts it was unavoidable to play a Panzergrenadier Kompanie as my Core Formation to have as much Pts as possibly for the great tools the Bundeswehr has in store to fight against the Red Tide. That beeing set there still was an additional question to answer befor building up my Army: will I go for a pure or a mixed organisation? For I do prefer utillity I chose to go mixed. I like having some Infantry around to hold Objectives or to wipe away the last resistance of Infantry on an Objective, but as well I wanted a Hard Hitter against my Opponents Tanks. Leopard 2's are expensive no question, but the Fighting Power per Tank, the great Armour Value and the Advanced Stabeliser are worth it in my Opinion. Therefor the core of my Force will look like that:
Marder HQ
Full Panzergrenadier Platoon
Small Leopard 2 Platoon
After havkng chosen these Units 30 Pts were already used and only 10 Pts left. Not good with an Elite Army like the Western German. Next in line was an AA-Platoon. I would never leave without one. Air Units are just nasty. First I chose to take what I think ist one of the best Units in the Game: 2 Gepard. Great RoF, good Armour Value and nice AT for an AA-Unit. Unfortunatetly it was to expensive to be played in a 40 Pts Game as I had to recognize in the End and so I "downgraded" them to 2 Roland FLARAK Tanks. These are not as versatile as a Gepard Duo, but still they are great with having an AA-Range of "I do not care where your Planes will be. I can reach them anyhow" combined with Guided making the a great Selection in small Games due to their low Pts Cost of just 3.
Now I have 7 Pts left and still need something important: a Template. When I know just one thing about FoW (I am playing FoW for more than 10 years now) than it will be: "Never leave without a Template.". And after looking at the Salvo Tempalte...realy never leave without a Template! As I always try to get as much utillity as possible I was not going to take any Mortars even so I like the Miniatures of them really much. So Panzerartillerie or Tornados? I decided Tornados due to the geat AT of 8 hitting Tanks from above. After all I am playing an Elite Force and will mostly be Outnumbered so having a Platoon to put a big Template on Top of some Enemy Tanks most likely blowing them up sounded great to me. Additionally the same Template will be great to dig out some Infantry in late Game if needed. That with a price tag of 4 Pts? How could anybody say "no" to that?
That of course meant just 3 Pts left. Since I still needed some additional AT, HEAT Weapons being great and I am a big fan of the Forward Defense Rule 3 Pts were well spend in 2 Jaguar 2's. Like these guys really much as they even the Field a little if I should ever have to (hopefully never...) defend with Deep Reserves. Also they fit my Tactic of keeping distance and using my better Equipment on my Tank Hunting Units to win the Long Ranged Fire Fights.
So 40 Pts spend but one last thing to decide. I need a Battle Plan as we are using that System to chose our Missions. I will be going with Prepared Attack. That way my biggest enemy, any kind of Reserves, will be as much as possible be eliminated.

As you can see in the other AAR (https://firestorm.warconsole.com/battles/geri-vs-warbringer-1502998019) I did win the game losing 1 Leopard 2, 2 Tornados and one Marder. It went really well for me and my force.
My Infantry was not very much needed because I had to Attack in Bridgehead and my Opponent had just 4-5 Stand of Infantry. At least they did help stopping a Flank Manouver of my Opponents BMP-2 Recce Platoon. But there Transports where very handy in helping to stop an incoming Hind Air Attack from hitting my Leopard 2 Tanks. Of course the Rolands did help there.
The Leopard 2's were just great. Harder to hit, harder to kill they just went nose to nose with some t64. But I think I was a little to agressive allowing my Opponent to shoot under 16" at me and as well allowing some BMP-2 to hit my Side Armour. Luckely I did only lose 1 Leopard 2, but I need to be a little less agressive with them. (I play Russian in WW2...not being agressive with Tanks might take some time.)
Oh damn do I love Jaguars! My Opponent had real problems hitting them, because I kept the at long in Concealment but in return they steadily killed his Tanks thanks to Guided and HEAT. I will definitly go for 3 next time (in my original List for 50 Pts Games were 3).
The Tornados...well...I did them call in to early and they were shot both without dropping any Bomb, but this was primarly my fault not theirs. The reason I risked them was that at the start of Turn 2 I already destroyed 2/4 T64 and I wanted to make shure they will have to take a Moral Check hopefully running away. That would have left my Opponent by Turn 2 nearly helpless against my Tanks and knocked him out of the Game. I decided that this would be worth risking them. Shilkas are better than I thought against Tornados...lesson learned. Kill Shilkas first then call for Air Strikes! (In my 50 Pts Force I am using 2 BO105B to Team up with my Tornados to devide AA-Fire hopefully getting some Damage done through it.)

I had a nice Game and I like my Bundeswehr. I will go on testing and optimising them painting them step by step in the progress. Thanks for reading. I hope you did like this unconventional way of reporting.


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West German


  • Baron says:

    It was a really good report, just add some photos to round it off in the future and you will get many more stars ^^

  • AlohaRover says:

    Nice write up, hope you enjoyed your first game

  • Hawk02 says:

    the boys are right, photos would be great ;), you can use this made be GeRi, i think he had no problem with this.
    Nice to see another German victory and good report.
    “Gut gemacht Kamerad!” ;).
    Best regards, Frank.

  • Nabeshin says:

    I agree with Red Alert, would be a better read with a few snaps of the table!

  • Red Alert says:

    A few photos would be really helpful and make the reading more fun.