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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Niederaula Encounter

Warsaw Pact
VS United States

Misssion Objectives:
1. A Soviet T-72 Battalion has been ordered to clear the little village of Neideraula just north of Fulda.
2. A US armor company has been tasked to prepare a spoiling attack.
Mission: Encounter from the updated More Mission PDF

Soviet Tank Bn
Battalion HQ 1 T-72
Tank Company 7 x T-72
Tank Company 6 x T-72
ZSU-23-4 AA Platoon 4 x ZSU-23-4
SA-8 Gecko SAM 2 x SA-8
BDRM Recon Platoon 4 x BDRM
BMP Motor Rifle Coy 12 x BMP-2 (The grande version)
Spandrel AT 3 x Spandrel

US Tank Company
Armored HQ 1 x M1
Armored Platoon 4 x M1
Armored Platoon 4 x M1
VADS AA 2 x M163
Cobra 2 x AH-1
Mech Platoon (The not so grande version)
M109 Battery 3 M109 with Laser Guided
ITV Anti Tank 2x M901

Turn 1: Soviet BMPs launched a volley of missiles at the US tank platoon on board. One Bail
T72 made a made rush around the Soviet right flank
Turn 1b: My daughter re positioned her armor to concentrate on the Soviet Tanks. US Forces kill 3 Soviet T72s
Turn 2: Soviet tanks kill the US Company Commander holding objective. He fails to jump to another tank. The aggressive Soviet infantry lights 2 M113s on fire with RPGs.
Turn 2B: US kills 3 BMPs and the T72 contesting the objective.
Turn 3: No reinforcements for Soviets. Soviets nail 3 M1 Abrams tanks. The BMPs get lucky with one shot and the T72s take out 2 others.
Turn 3b: No reinforcements for the US. US Abrams platoon fails more check and leave battle.
Turn 4: Soviet Victory.


I would say the Soviets far out numbered anything the US could have done. Delayed scattered reserves starting on Turn 3 made it a daunting task for the US.

My daughter and I wanted to try the US Artillery. It did manage to take out two T72 and 3 BMPs. If it had more time it would have been more effective.

Neideraula Battlefield
Artillery Strike on BMPs
Turn 4 Conclusion

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