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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Leipzig will again become German (Hauptmann Wolf)

West German
VS Warsaw Pact
Phillip Larin

"Devil's staff rats" - the Hauptmann thought, shaking in his "Werewolf", Leopard-1 tank. "And the British with them" - surfaced in his head - "because of them, instead of keeping the defense slowly and methodically , we are forced to spend our few forces on the attack of Soviet positions. " Wolf Squad was summoned to the headquarters and immediately rerouted to the breakout point near Leipzig, with the aim of further developing the success. The command set him to reconnoitre and occupy a small town on the route leading to Leipzig. "In the event of a collision with enemy forces - to destroy, air support will be allocated to you" - such was the order of the command, and it will be executed.

This mission was created on the basis of a mission from the book "Leopard" (Delaying Attack), with some exceptions - the location of objects. In this case, they were located in terms of control of entry into a small town and control the road directly. The first move was for the Bundeswehr, the alternate placement of units on the field. The Soviets win if they control at least one object at the beginning of their turn. Accordingly, the Bundeswehr wins by not letting it be done until the sixth move. There are no reserves.

Hauptmann carefully peered at the map of the area, gently fingered the locations of his scouts. He has already outlined the approximate location of his units in case the Soviets are in the town before him, as well as the road control plan. Suddenly, an interesting thought came into his head, almost instantly unraveling in the idea. Wolf grinned and began to dictate the intercom orders to specific units.


The alignment of forces. The Bundeswehr - Roland stand in the field, getting excellent visibility and close to the center of the table, thanks to their high range, they almost overlap the entire table. Leopards - 2 cover the Roland, do not let the Soviets get out on the road after passing through forests and swamps in the west, as well as control the entrance to the city. Thanks to Luhs, the Leopards -1 are rapidly moving towards the town and are preparing to open fire through the arches of buildings. Tornado in reserve.

The end of the Bundeswehr's movement on the first move.

The arrangement of the Soviets. Helicopters, keep at the longest distance from the Rolands. Groups of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles are held together, using shelters, where possible. The infantry are hurrying and are quickly preparing to occupy buildings in the town.

The Soviet zone of arrangement, and accidentally got into the frame of I.

First move. The Rolands fail the Order Blitz move, and remain in place to cover the ground troops. Leopards - 1 move to the arches of buildings and open fire as a result - destroyed the BMP of the Soviets. Leopards - 2 accurately aim and destroy from the maximum distance one T-72. The first group of armored cars hides in the forest, the second behind the first behind the trees.

The Bundeswehr is on the offensive.
I see the BMP, fire!
Soviet losses.

The Soviet move. Tanks are divided into two groups - the first enters into a firing battle with the Leopards 1, and destroy one of them, while following directly to the town. The second group, together with the commander-in-chief, follows directly to the road. BMP also follows the city, getting protection from its walls. Helicopters remain in place, hoping for the elimination of the Rolands.

Red Vengeance

The second move. The Rolands finally fulfilled the order, moved and fired at the helicopters, to no avail. Leopards -2 are intercepting the second group of tanks and burning 4 of 5 T-72, the commander survives. Leopards - 1 are firing with the first group of T-72, while they are saved only by the skill of the crews, the T-72 does not have a loss, thanks to the thick armor. Armored cars remain in place, ready if necessary, to bring down the capture of points along the road.

The Reds are on fire.

The course of the Soviets. Helicopters, realizing that there is nothing to lose, go on attack on Leopards - 1, only to fall to the ground under the influence of a strong anti-aircraft fire. The first group of Soviet tanks, firing at Leopard-1, break through into the city, followed by infantry. BMP starts to fire from anti-tank missiles by Leopards - 2, but do not reach the target. The surviving commander hides in the forest.

Fire and death from heaven.
Red hordes.

Third move. The Bundeswehr successfully calls the Tornado. Without thinking twice about the deadly cargo, the planes are thrown onto the heads of Soviet troops in the city. As a result, two tanks were destroyed, one shell shock, later this tank detachment fails morale and departs from the battlefield. Two bases with infantry were also destroyed. Both groups of armored cars are pushed to the point near the road, hiding from the possible fire of the BMP behind the corner building. Leopards -2 share the fire, and shoot at the T-72, the survivors of the city, and the infantry fighting vehicle. As a result, the BMPs did not suffer, the tanks failed their morale and fled. Leopards - 1 under the order leave the position and follow to the points, in order to support the main group.

Air support has arrived.
The third, the beginning.

Time of the Soviets. The Soviet infantry raises its head and with a swift march takes the building and opens fire from RPGs through armored cars, shake one. BMP Soviets, open fire on Roland, and destroy one. The tank commander crosses the road and, with a masterful shot, gets on board the Leopards - 2 and ... deafens one.

BMP shoots on Roland.

Fourth move. Armored vehicles enter into a direct collision with the BMP, and destroy them. Leopards - 1 follow to the points at the maximum possible speed, firing back at the Soviet infantry in buildings, to no avail. Leopard - 2 stunned not repaired, the rest destroy the Soviet tank commander. Rolands remain in place.

Fighting BMP with armored cars.
Lucky strike.

The Soviet move. The Soviet infantry goes into a desperate hand-to-hand attack and, unresponsive, reaches the detachment of armored cars and burns them, along with the deafened Leopard. After that, the opponent makes a very cunning arrangement, in order to prevent the control of the object by my troops.

For Motherland
A fierce melee.
Sly plan.

Fifth move. The Bundeswehr attacks the infantry of the Soviets with all its might. At the end of the shooting, one infantry base survives, which fought valiantly against the Leopard - 2 group during the 3 phases, but then failed morale and fled. The result is the victory of the Bundeswehr.

The last fight.
The Russians are retreating.

"Mauser, the message to the headquarters," Wolf said, "nine T-72, four infantry fighting vehicles and a platoon of infantry scattered." "Our losses - one second, one first, one Roland and a detachment of armored cars .... the city is busy, we have saddled this damned road and are waiting for further orders."

P.S. As well as the last time should apologize for the lack of color and English. Seeing the situation on the fronts, I decided that we need to hold one more battle, and support our allies, especially given permission to play another weekend in the campaign. As in the past, I wish everyone good luck. Greetings from Russia.

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