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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

 N.B. The battle report editor does not support Internet Explorer. Please use an alternative browser. Examples can be found here.

Step 1 – Selecting the Battle:

After you have reported a new battle and set it private it will not be visible to anyone else. This allows you the opportunity to flesh out the details. In order to edit these reports in progress can be found in the My Command page under Your Battles In Progress.

A battle report in progress awaiting the juicy details!


Clicking the battle you wish to amend will take you to the editing page.


Step 2 – Editing the Report:

You will find five buttons for adding different content to your report.



  Text – Add the details of the report.



  Title – Add a title to the report or headings to sections of the report.



  Image – Add an individual image. Maximum size per image is 2MB. Only .jpeg, .jpe or jpg file types allowed.

  Image gallery – Add multiple images as a gallery. Maximum size per image is 2MB. Only .jpeg, .jpe or jpg file types allowed.



  Video – Add a YouTube URL if you have a video of the battle. Must be the full address E.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BIAAZakMFA


Once you have selected the type of content to add by clicking the icon, a form will appear below in which to enter the relevant information.

Reordering Content Blocks

After adding a few content blocks you may look at your report and decide you would like to change the order of the content blocks.

Click the up arrow to move it above the preceding content block.

Arrow buttons shift content

Click the down arrow to move it below the next content block.


The affected block will briefly flash yellow to highlight the new position.

Editing A Content Block

If you want to change the content of a block clicking the pencil button at the bottom of the desired block will open the editor.

Let’s improve that title. Hit that Edit button!

Deleting A Content Block

If you wish to delete a content block clicking the X button at the bottom of the desired block will permanently remove it.

On second thoughts I never wanted this title!

A confirmation dialog will pop-up. Clicking OK will confirm the deletion.

Step 3 – Improving the Report:

As you update various aspects of your battle report, you’ll receive additional XP to improve your rank once the report has been published.

Earn extra XP

Improving your report helps you and your faction. A more fleshed out, interesting report not only gives you extra XP, but also gives you a better chance of getting higher star ratings and more commendations from your fellow commanders. Higher ratings and more commendations give you more achievements leading to more XP and a higher rank.

The more interesting, well rated reports your faction generates the better chance it has of shaping the final outcome of the battle.

Ways to improve your report:

  • Add a rousing description of the battle totalling at least 150 words
  • Add at least 3 photos
  • Add a Youtube video
  • Upload a PDF document of the Army Lists used. (After one list has been uploaded you may click the dashed upload area again to upload any additional lists)
  • Link your report to your opponent’s report

Step 4 – Publishing:

Once you are finished editing the report it can now be published. When your mission is generated it is private, allowing you to flesh out the details, and won’t be visible to anyone else until you publish it. To publish, click the big green  Publish Battle Report button and change the Live Status to Public and then click Update.

Change Live Status to Public


PLEASE NOTE Once a battle report has been made public it cannot be set back to private, so make sure you have it as complete as you wish it to be. A half complete published report may give you AND your faction a lower rating and less commendations.



Need further assistance? Contact Warconsole Support with the Campaign and screenshots relevant to the issue – [email protected]

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