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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Firestorm: Red Thunder — In-Store Campaigns

As well as an on-line global campaign, Firestorm: Red Thunder is also an in-store map campaign that can be played in a single intense day of gaming, or spread out over several weeks.


Firestorm Campaign System

Like the on-line campaign, the in-store map campaign consists of a series of Team Yankee games in which players attempt to capture areas from the enemy or recover those lost in earlier games. The big difference is that almost every game results in an advance for the victor.

When a pair of players want to play a game, they Grab a Victory Pin, Place a Battle Arrow, Play a Game, Award the Victory Pin, and then Capture Areas.

Each time a player wins a game they receive a Victory Pin. Once all the Victory Pins have been won, the campaign is over and the side holding cities of the greatest value wins.

At the end of the campaign, add up the Victory Points (VP) for each city held by a side. The side with the greater Victory Point total wins the campaign. Will it be a Strategic Victory for the Red Armies where the cause of International Communism has been significantly advanced by the rapid liberation of West Germany from the yoke of Capitalism. Or will NATO forces scrape together a Tactical Victory, holding their positions and attempting to seek peace through diplomatic means?


Taking Your In-Store Games On-Line

Don’t forget to enter battle reports for your In-Store Campaign games! That way the game can contribute both to your local map campaign and the global on-line campaign.

Because the campaigns are running at different speeds, you won’t necessarily be able to enter your battle report in the location you fought over in your map campaign. Instead, you can either pick the sector that corresponds to where you fought, so V Corps for a game played at Frankfurt, or you can your opponent can select a theatre to contest in the on-line campaign with the same battle.


Limited Edition Prizes Available

Whilst participating in the Firestorm: Red Thunder Campaign and crushing your foes beneath your tracks is probably reward enough, a few lucky stores and clubs around the world will receive prizes for participating and entering their results into the Global Campaign hosted by the team at Beasts Of War.

These limited edition custom tokens, templates and objectives will only be available as prizes in this competition.

Find out more about Firestorm: Red Thunder here!


Running a Campaign at Your Club

In a club? Want to run a Firestorm: Red Thunder event? Unsure how to get a copy of the Firestorm Campaign kit? Don’t worry because we have you covered. Firestorm Campaign kits will be available for you to purchase direct from Battlefront. All you need to is contact your local office and we will be able to get your squared away.

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Firestorm Campaign kits will cost USD$30, Euro€20, GBP£15 or AUD$30 (prices include Free Shipping) depending on your region. Each kit includes the rules, map, victory pins and battle arrows you need to play the campaign.