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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Second Echelon Committed

Stavka have released a second echelon tank army from the Western Front reserve to force a breakthrough at Bremen. As a result, Warsaw Pact forces have crossed the Netherlands border and are dashing for Amsterdam.

British II Corps Arriving

The British Army has managed to scrape together a second corps, mainly from Territorial Army troops and older reservists recalled to the colours. Troops from all over the Commonwealth have come together as part of this force, with a battalion flown over from Canada and another of Gurkhas recently out of Hong Kong joining an Australian and New Zealand force that had been conducting exercises with the British Army.

BAOR Sector Relatively Quiet

The British I Corps has done well in  blunting Warsaw Pact attacks towards Hanover, to the extent that Warsaw Pact efforts in this sector now seem to be holding attacks to pin them in place while the major effort takes place elsewhere.

V Corps Fights Back!

The US forces are holding on by the skin of their teeth in Frankfurt, despite intense pressure from incessant Warsaw Pact attacks. So far requests for reinforcements have been denied by SACEUR who appears to maintain his reserve for a decisive strike rather than frittering it away in local counterattacks. At present it is unclear whether the Canadian Battlegroup has been committed to this sector, or even if they have entered the battle at all.

VII Corps Under Pressure

To the south, US VII Corps has been fighting a bitter battle, with the battle swinging back and forth as US and West German counterattacks have stalled in the face of intensified pressure form the Warsaw Pact forces.


  • K. Meyer says:

    A job well-done thus far! The Warsaw Pact may see us as down but we are not counted out! There is a quote to go by; “Luck favors those in motion.” – Gen. George S. Patton

    The meaning of this quote is, as we are continually learning and improving we will find information faster than your opponents, and information is the key to winning battles. By staying active in seeking out tactics, your opponents will be left off-balance and playing catch up to your strategy. Keep moving forward every single day and you will improve over time.

    As V Corps (V = Victory) and VII Corps (V+II = Victory…Twice over) has a firm grasp of holding the enemy in place, the Cavalry has arrived to help with this effort. Look forward to embracing your III Corps brothers and pushing the RED’s back into whence they came.


  • bayankhan says:

    Everybody makes the paper once. In the obituary column. We must see to it that II Corps has its three minutes of fame

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    We must fight back!

  • Alyksandyr2 says:

    II Corps better bring some bloody tea. Our supplies are low, and the men were contemplating “coffee”

  • fingolfen says:

    Comrades, now is the time to secure victory! Push back the imperialists and free Europe!

  • M. Nisbet says:

    Good job lads, we made the paper! A French general once remarked: that the British infantry he was attacking appeared to have taken root in the ground and could not be moved by cavalry nor artillery. We are living up to that Bulldog spirit and I commend you all. Please ensure that you greet your Commonwealth compatriots warmly when they arrive.