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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

The Battle of Hof

Warsaw Pact
VS West German

The battle of Hof started off with the West Germans in their dug in positions with almost no Support on the table. Intelligence reports had indicated that Leopard 2s were in the area on a combat patrol (Ambush)

GSFG's new Acascias were released by high command for this battle with the new Krasnapol projectiles. Touted to be able to dig infantry from their foxholes with deadly efficiency. While not as efficient as a American Capitalist Copperhead at killing AFVs, it still could pose a risk to the NATO tanks we see.

Deployment, Soviets spearheads into a tall wheat field and onto minefields. The Afghansty move onto it passing their tests required and hold the minfield ready to remove it on their first turn.

T-64s approach cautiously but huge the wheat field for the NATO Leopards are yet to be spotted.

The first turn starts with both infantry unit removing a string of minfields in the front line and the soviet infantry surge forwards. Krasnapol projectiles.

The game has a serious amount of death and destruction. it was a 4 - 3 for the Soviets. The West Germans, being the only army with a morale of 3+ stayed on the board and fought to the bitter end. Even thorwing their figlerfaust into as assault with me.... I know, gremlins are heavy but i guess filgerfaust aren't. #bias

This would be historically accurate i would say. Panzerdivisions in the 1980s were placed in defensive positions in front of their towns or homes. so they knew that failure would mean their families get captured or "liberated". Panzerdivisions were famous for refusing retreat orders even in exercises because they refused to budge. This WG player lived up to that every bit. He even sent his lars out from behind cover to engulf my infantry holding the infantry with a little more firepower. He couldn't bombard to due to danger close.

Soldier to soldier, Nic was a real champion

Spearhead movement brought my units to the minefield, it has been errated so i needed to check courage then skill. pass both with afghansty and now reay to remove them
Deployment is easy, now the hard work begins.
turn one has my army remove minefields and rush forward. T-64s hug the wheat field as reports of 3 Leopard 2s are still abound.
after a brutal back and forth, i only take out a single LEopard 2 but Krasnapol projectiles are flying overhead to hit the infantry down and slowly thin them out for an infantry assault.
After defeating the Leopard 2s in the next turn and assaulting the infantry off the objective, the West German division just 3 KM in front of their homes, throw everything at me. including the filgerfaust.....

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