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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

No mercy!

Warsaw Pact
VS British

Another quick mission. 50p of pure violence! :) Annihilation mission! The Master set up a fast & furious Brit tank list: Chieftai HQ, 2 x 3 chieftain stillbrew sqyadrons and 2 vehicles scorpion Recce platoon. My glorious Volksarmee face up the BAOR menace to the motherland! The enemy standing on a central line on his deployment area limits. all my missile firing units and artillery on my table edge, tanks on the sides. infantry forming a line to my deployment zone limit. Fire Exchange from both sides and in the meantime my tanks run on the flanks. In these 2 turns I lost all BMP1 and shilkas, 1 T-55 tank and BRDM2 zug my enemy just 1 chieftain and 1 scorpion. But in the third turn with my tanks on both enemy side the payback! chieftain HQ, 1 chieftain Squadron and the remaining Scorpion are burning! British retaliation wipe out all my T-55 and a company of T-72 but is the last british activity because BMP-2 missiles and the other T-72 close the mouth to the ultimate Chieftains and achieve a victory for 4-3!!! Posted in the special section all forces data as STASI requested!

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Warsaw Pact