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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Lucky in Leipzig

Warsaw Pact
VS British

Last night I had a game planned against Sander from our local store. Unlucky for me, he couldn't find a replacement for his job, so we could only start after he'd finished. Considering this, we agreed to drop the points to 50 and play one of the quick missions. Our store campaign is currently in the second phase, so on a 3+ I would attack. Naturally I rolled a 2 as I did last weekend when we entered the second phase) so I was defending. After this, we rolled on the quick missions table and we got ourselves a Seize the Bridge to play.

Sander got back to work, and I started setting the table so we could get started the minute he was done.

Battlefield from the southwest

Sander decided that NATO would attack from Hof towards Leipzig, as that might relieve some pressure from our gains towards the Ruhr where our glorious comrade Hamza was attacking in a battle that started earlier, and thankfully won.

The force I decided to field for the day was a T-72 tankovy consisting of the following

1 T-72 HQ
4 T-72
4 T-72
small infantry unit with BMP-1
2 ZSU-23
2 BMP-2 recon

The British forces arrayed against me, from memory were

Mech Infantry company
SLR rifle HQ
full mech platoon with Milans
full mech platoon
3 Chieftain
2 Abbot

Medium Recce squadron
2 Spartan HQ
full Scimitar troop
full Scorpion troop
2 Spartan blowpipe

At this point the dice started rolling, and right of the bat my dice continued where they left off last weekend. Failing miserably (mostly 1's and 2's) had me annoyed in about half a turn, so I forgot to take any pics after the start (sorry..). After about 2 hrs worth of 50 point gaming it was time to call it, and we ended with a draw, hanging on by the skin of my teeth. Formation commander, a single BMP-1 and 2 infantry stands were all that was left of the Soviet forces occupying the bridge and surrounding area. British fared better, losing an infantry platoon and their transports, about half of the other platoon and all of their transportation, one of the recce platoons and one or two vehicles from the other recce platoon. If we'd played another few turns the Soviets surely would've run, but luckily for me we didn't.

Now it's time to bin the dice set used, or at least bench them for a fair few games, because they have been absolute rubbish these past few games.. :(

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