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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Taking Leipzig

Colonel Frost
VS West German
Full metal penguin

Colonel Frost scanned the the Leipzig countryside with his binoculars from the cupola of his Chieftain tank. Frazer, the driver, just finished putting the engine coolant cap on for the third time in twenty minutes. The Chieften's engine had grumbled oddly and had been cutting out all day. Last thing Frost wanted was for the tank to breakdown during a battle, it could get inconvenient pretty quickly. Before Frazer could comment a voice on Frost's radio cut in on the radio net. Orders from Division, enemy tanks heading straight towards Frost's boys. The company had to hold the two roadways leading to the 'bridge' otherwise the Soviets would push through into the heart of the region and would require other British forces to close the gap. Frost did not want to have his friend Rupert taking the piss and regaling in the mess how he has to rescue Frost, the possibility of being killed seemed the lesser of two evils at this time.
Frost quickly thought through his deployment again; Frank's troop of Chieftens sat on the left flank guarded by some of the Irish lads. On the right sat the Bonnie Scots covering Francis' troop. Frost sat in the middle with Jerry ready to provide support on either flank. He needed to buy time for the rest of company to arrive and hope he didn't get overwhelmed in the meantime.
....that was damned close. They managed to repulse the Soviet attack but it cost dearly. Two troops of Chieftens sat out of action and burning Scimitars popped as ammunition caught fire. But that was nothing compared to the field covered with burning T64s...black acrid smoke drifted across the afternoon sky as a trio of Lynx helicopters climbed above the battlefield. Frost fell more than climbed down from his tank, sheer exhaustion causing the slip of a simple task. Looking over his tank he marvelled at the beautiful beast rumbling in front of him. The armour had taken some eight or more hits, Frost patted the tank with loving affection and gratitude "Thanks girl".
"Orders to move out Sir" called Frazer on the radio, they want us to move south.
Frost nodded and made to climb back up, but then the engine suddenly cut out..."$#[email protected]" whispered Frazer, Frost smiled inwardly as banging could be heard coming from within the tank.

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Colonel Frost


  • Colonel Frost says:

    Thanks, new to the campaign…just as it ends. However I’ll be better prepared for part 2 with piccys and such.
    I didn’t think anybody looked at these reports, I’ve not done an online campaign in years (GW) and it was no where near as intricate as this.

  • Sejmitar says:

    Thank you for posting. Some sketch of actual game and/or some photos would be nice…

  • Hawk02 says:

    thanks for posting it. Some pictures would be great.
    I don’t give a rating, but Commendation for winning.
    Best regards Frank.