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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Battlefield Frankfurt

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Doug Glendwyr

Part two of Doug and I throwing down in Frankfurt. I have 9 T-55's incoming to round out my Soviets. Once the Stripes book gets launched I plan on getting it and what I can for my US forces so I can really put on a helluva fight. But until then, sneak and peek tactics it is.

100 point game this time around, we also plan on commiting a good chunk of tanks and men to this fight, and I plan on artillery being a good deterrent to the Soviet forces.

Minor special rules we implemented was a first wave, second wave order in order to defend the city. Loads of buildings and terrain on the map for this one, the board will be 4ft x 4ft.

Full unit list when we sit down for ourbolanning phase.

Loads of options but I'm expecting a repeat of what happened last game. My infantry should be highly effective this battle, with lots of targets. My scouts should also be pretty good on spearhead and should help funnel the horde of T-72's where I want them to go. Lets see if I can be extra sneaky in this fight

The special rule means that after a squadron is destroyed, make a skill check to determine if reinforcements arrived in time. Each player gets three rolls. If successful they arrive the next turn. Should be fun. The caveat for this is that the command elements must be in play in order to get the chance to roll. So its also going to be a headhunter style game.

That was a brutal fight. Minor US victory but we did it. Doug's forces kept themselves in cover as much as they could. Neither of us could get the second wave activated and kept what we had. His T-72 squadrons were mostly effective at containing my Abrams however my infantry picked him apart every chance I had LoS. His troops were taken out early on in the fight as his BMPs were hammered pretty hard. Full write up soon once I get the pictures posted to my laptop

Turn one had Doug deploying his tanks behind a few buildings, the 4 squadrons of three tanks each formed a formidable line of steel. Utilizing the buildings each chance he had, and keeping his sides protected he began to advance one or two squadrons at a time. His idea was to leap frog with his tanks and the forward line would cover the rears advance.

On my turn I pushed up my scouts and had them hiding between two buildings. The 113 covering the rear of the itv. I ran my mech platoon up to the nearest building and next turn the men would disembark and begin to dig in. I kept my Abrams in the back. No clear line of fire present, but I manuevered them along a rough triangle near the main road. I figured I'd press an advantage when I could.

Turn two saw action and Doug's 72's punched the itv hard knocking it out of action. The 113 was also destroyed. He pushed up his bmps on the main road after failing the first wave second wave roll. Opting to keep his troops embarked. While his rear 72's hopped up. Effective strategy but the terrain hindered any kind of clear lines of fire.

My turn 2 was spent rushing the three story apt in the intersection, the troops began to dig in. After the 113's deployed to act as mobile cover for my Abrams. The command tank with squad A was effective at striking at the BMPs on the road, three burning tanks were my reward and the infantry failed their save. Both units bugged out.

Turn three had Doug hop his tanks up further, destroying three 113's and forcing the survivor to ditch the field, we both failed our rolls again for reinforcements and it looked bleak for the Soviets as the mech platoon had a strong position in the middle of the table.

My turn 3 had the mech platoon launch several shots downrange, but only forcing 1 tank to bail out. The Abrams had a great shot and destroyed another two tanks. However it was getting late so we opted to end the game next turn.

Turn 4 saw more leap frogging 72's opening up on the mech platoon with all of his remaining tanks. Killing three stands of infantry. Ouch.

My Abrams advanced to the burning 113's and gained another bailed out shot. The mech platoon scored 1 dead and one bailed out tank and we called it.

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