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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Amsterdam quick fight

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Michael Mallory

Another quick battle with my cousin. However he wanted to attack instead of defend. And I appear to be having a problem with my phone right now and am unable upload pictures. I will have to do everything via my laptop. Results will follow after the game.

As last time we are doing 1 squadron each of tanks, but I may add in some infantry and transports.

Another win for NATO, we set up and had the infantry and transports in reserve at the start. Turn 1 was jockeying for position, and he seems to have learned his lesson about exposing his sides and rear armor to my Abrams. However he was only focused on my tanks. Turn 2 had us both roll for our infantry to arrive and they did. The win conditions for this game were to dig in with the infantry on either side of the bridge in order to sweep it for explosives (NATO) or for the Soviets to do the same in order to detonate the bombs on the bridge. As the game progressed he lost focus on the objective and chased my Abrams around. Turn three I had the bridge and began sweeping. He chose to ignore the troops and shoot my tanks with his BMP-1's... so I may have to review priority targets and why you don't ignore the objective

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