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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Final battle at Fulda Gap. Pt 2

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Todd Farnholtz, Doug Glendower, Paul Downs

AAR: Minor Soviet victory. It was a pretty brutal game with a few waves of Soviet forces pushing in. Last part to be posted and then I will do the write up.

Part three will go up later.

This was a brutal game. We ended up with destroying all but four squads of Russian infantry. Three Abrams were knocked out. The VADs and ITV squadrons both took losses but the remaining units really gave em hell and managed to push out a large number of individual kills. 16 T-72's took to the field and only 5 remained in working condition. The infantrymen for the US really held on in the town square and did a good deal of damage and general headache inducement chaos on The BMPs and infantry on the western side of the map.

It was too close by the end. Time constraints left a number of forces on the table. And while I could have probably took out a few more squads. We opted to call it there. The Russian side had some lucky shots at the Abrams with an RPG-7. The infantry elements really were difficult to deal with once they dug in at a building. The center of the town was a smoking ruin by the end of it, one ofbthe few comments was the game needed some tweaking but everyone enjoyed the match.

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Warsaw Pact
Todd Farnholtz, Doug Glendower, Paul Downs